Small group looking for players EU/PVP/PC

We are currently 2 active players (ages 21 & 23), we have played together for around 1 month and have great communication and get on well.

We are looking for another active EU player with the same attitude and mindset to join us.

We play on official EU PVP, both level 56 and 60.

Hoping for easy going people who can work well with others.

where are u from?

We are both EU, Scotland & Finland.

Just a quick update

We are still only 2 but open to more people joining us to speed up progress.

Easy going team players are welcome!

Sign me up I am 24 years old and from the Netherlands. DM me the server details :slight_smile:

Do you have Discord? i would like to speak with you some more on there.

Recently got raided so as we rebuild and get back on our feet we hope to add some more man power to the group.

Still the original 2 players at the moment with another from the server currently in talks to join us also.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Yes I do give me yours and I will add you beacuse people never can find me.


I’ll join you. How can we link up

Add my Discord, SuperFresh#5642

Still currently 3 at the moment and looking for 1 or 2 more.

Hey man, I’d be glad to join ya, looking for some competent co-survivors(21 in UK).
Add me on Discord: Provoskidas#7961

Added you on Discord buddy

Still on the lookout for some easy going active players.

Hey there,

What server are you guys on? I’m interested in learning more about the group you have so far.


Official EU PvP

Still on the lookout currently for 1 or 2 like minded people.

Still on the lookout for more members.

Hey man I’m 24 and want to play this game with people if you guys are on please add me @ kidpiff207!