Small request that will please EVERYONE!

could you please add a way to have witchfire braziers or a way to turn the regular brazier into witchfire?

2nd request is to please make night time in siptah a bit more dark, (as it is, i dont think you need much lights in the map, just a bit for those of us who likes the show during nightime?

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Currently the lights are useless, except for some dungeons (which you can still do without light).
I hate the bright nights… it is so stupid, but the majority doesn’t seem to care (made a topic about this a while ago, and it died).

Seriously the nights are as bright as day, if it storms you can’t even differentiate if its night or day.
This is a survival game, but its bright as a cartoon game lol.

wait for upcoming Severe Weather update

Really? Did I miss something?

no, it’s a mod

No thank you. Make the day brighter (during storms).

I play on official, mods are not an option :confused:

making it a bit darker (not like the swamp dark but maybe as it is in the sinkhole. you can still see, but its dark enough to play with our lights. otherwise what’s the point of having light sources in siptah?

and how is that helpful for people who plays over official servers?

It would be even more cool if you could make a brazier that functioned like a radium gem and the light and flames changed color based on the dye you put inside.

That being said, I’m perfectly happy with the light levels on Siptah.

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All I want is a night and not 2 days in 1 day, if light sources become usefull Im more than happy.

What night?

and how’s your OP indicate that?
don’t answer

Wait… there is a night time on Siptah?


Yeah, I get it. You don’t like the light levels. I’m just expressing my personal and subjective opinion, which differs from yours, that I think the light levels are perfectly fine.

potrzebujemy prawdziwej nocy

I know that, I just asked what night
But nvm

If you think it’s too bright… turn your gamma down. When I loaded up Siptah, I noticed it was at 2.20 or so - things look a lot more natural at 1.5 or so (though 1 is way too dark in weird ways - the shadow of a cliff in the afternoon is hard to see in).

Also, re: witchfire braziers: please no. Those flickery things are worse for processors than any other light source.

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