Smaller cosmetics DLC?

Have the devs ever considered adding cosmetic outfits DLCs in the future? Outfits that have no armor stats and go into a outfit slot, and override the character visual.

With no armor or status to balance with other armors they would require very little effort from devs. No special thralls to craft higher quality versions, no light/medium/heavy armor versions, just one outfit could be packed into a DLC and sold as a stand alone DLC.

Outfits could also help players try unique looks without sacrificing too much performance. Maybe this could be an issue on PvP servers, players cant tell what armor another player is using if its hidden by an outfit… but if its a gamebreaking mechanics maybe outfits would not be enabled in PvP servers?

I just think the community waits too long for new DLC packs and content, some leave in boredom and the servers drops number until something new arives. Adding small DLCs like these could help keep the game interesting for many while the community is waiting for larger contents.

I just realized I posted in the wrong forum… would a forum manager move it to the suggestion forums where it belongs? Thanks.

I like your idea but I would like a pack of 3-5 clothing sets one just wouldn’t be worth a dlc to me especially if it’s just cosmetic

Not necessarily, almost all MMOs these days have single outfit micro transactions, and people buy them. If they dont like a particular outfit they skip it and wait for the next one, if they do its usually cheap enough to encourage players to purchase them. Of course these DLCs would be account wild, so if you make a new character or roll on a different server they would be permanently available

These cosmetics DLCs could be also available for base layout. For example, they could offer a different brazier light color pack, so you could make a Witch house like base with all braziers emitting a purple light. Or new banner layouts we could replace all available banners with new paintings.

Funcom could make some nice money with little effort and the players would be pleased with new available content every now and then. Of course they could keep going with the big DLCs that are usually focused in some specific culture, with new furnitures, new functional armors, weapons, etc…

Problem with this is that the game currently doesn’t have the ability to do cosmetics, for weapons OR for clothes. If it did, it’d solve SO many issues.

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