Smelter thralls don't work - PC

Platform: PC
Game mode: g-portal server
Version: 94750/17645 (can be read from bottom right on main menu, or at the bottom of the ingame menu)
Problem: Bug

The problem I have been encountering is Smelter Thralls do not work. Other thralls appear to be working okay.

Repro steps:

  1. Tried smelting without Smelter III & Yael of Shem (Stone 10:1 - Ironstone 5:1)
  2. Tried smelting with Smelter III & Yael of Shem (Still Stone 10:1 - Ironstone 5:1)

They still speed up the furnace times they just don’t lower mat cost right now. But can confirm minus faster times for making bricks or bars, they do nothing else.

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At least the armorer and blacksmith thralls reduce the material costs of well armor and weapons.

As far as I’m aware, Smelters, Tanners and Cooks do not have a mat reduce cost when used in furnaces, tanneries, and Campfires. Instead, they increase speed, and reduce fuel consumption.

I can live with that realism for those crafting stations. As long as the armorer and blacksmiths do reduce the mat costs. How about the Master Crafter at the Artisan table?

Yes. Carpenters reduce costs at the Artisan table. I’ve tested that one myself making vaults.

There is one master crafter available for that table but I wasn’t aware that you could use carpenters for that, hmmm

Armorer’s reduce costs at the artisan’s table, too. I imagine more crafter types do too.

I will have to try those thralls