Smelting Coins was not thought through

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The way smelting coins works is seriously flawed. If you set enough materials to make more than 30 coins, it’ll then proceed to remake ingots after the coins are done, wasting a lot of materials.

Please for the love of [insert god of choice here] move either the making of the coins from ingots, or the melting of coins to ingots over to the blacksmith. Or both, whatever. just make it not do the Loop of Material Wastage anymore please.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make many coins in smelter.
  2. Watch coins be made into ingots.
  3. Make much less coins…
  4. Ingots…

Instead of watching the coins you just made get turned into ingots, maybe you should click stop.

Not the point XD

It means you can’t just let them go by themselves like everything else.


Why not only use ‘split’ to break up the stack, and only put in the amount of gold for the coins to make? Or are you using the craft station as a ‘free’ chest to store materials?

It more just that if you put 6+ ingots in there to be smelted, you cannot walk away, because it automatically will then convert the coins just made into ingots.

Basically, if they actually converted at the same value it’d make a big continuous loop.

Though having said that, the “loss” between the conversions is a bit too much - 1 ingot = 5 coins, but 30 coins = 1 ingot…


So, if there is still fuel material, after it makes coins, it will turn them into ingots? Wow, that does suck and sounds like a bug if happening. But if you are making less than 30 coins at a go, it cant happen I am guessing.

Wow, thanks for the heads up! We haven’t started making coins yet on my server but we would’ve been scratching our heads over the “disappearing” ingots/coins.

They should just add a mold item that is required to melt coins down into ingots. That way you can control whether or not it occurs by adding/removing the item from the smelter, similar to the glass mold.

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Why not just have it work like iron/steel fittings? Have an actual recipe for coins and another for “transmuting” them back into ingots learned by the coin feat, like how the alchemy pot works by having you start the cooking after you queue the recipe.

May I ask why you’re turning bars into coins?

Turn bars to coins, Grind coins to make powder, use powder to make Alchemical Base - used in epic armours, and explosives, etc

Why would you grind bars into coins, then into dust, when you can directly turn bars into dust?

Every gold or silver bar equals 10 dust.

What’s the point in coins?

As Stocky said you can put a bar directly into the grinder. 1 bar = 10 dust. 1 coin = 2 dust. You get the same amount of dust if you grind the bar or turn the bar into coins and grind the coins.

All true about grinding to dust. Still the ratio, where 1 gold bar yields 5 coins, but 30 coins are needed to make 1 gold bar is not optimal. And using furnace for both coins and bars smelting is really not well thought through. It would be much better if coin recipes were moved to caulron for example.

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grinding one bar gives one dust grinding one coin gives one dust so makeing coins is five times cheaper than loading bars in to the grinder


1 gold or silver bar, placed into the grinder, will return 10 dust of the same type.

Not for me it gives one dust and allways has

I’ve got to assume then, server settings were changed on your server, since the default settings, give a return of 10 dust per bar.

I get the same in sp mode to