Snake skin bikini clothing

Are you saying the gear would be a temparay buff with a potion… Say it works only you remove it…
Or were you thinking the buff is perminant?
I which case I’d say then buff on a crafting bench…

I put this on a different thread…
I’d like to see enchanted equipment.
I was thinking that enchanting an item ties it to the level of corruption that player has… The more corruption he more powerful the item…
However there would always be one debuf as well as the stamina bar and health bar corruption purple…
Or the item carries a detrimental affect…

i was thinking permanent, but it could be both.

my line of thinking was more of an elemental swap per-say. example: with the new Bejeweled Armor ( love by the way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) it comes with - one bar heat resistance - the potion you could craft at lets say the “Improved Firebowl Cauldron” would change it to say - one bar cold resistance - now yes taking the potion to the “Improved Armor Bench” in order to apply, no issue.

now could this stack, yes and no. yes in the sense that the change would still allow you to put on an armor kit. no in the sense that you could put 5 potions on one piece of armor and the resistance level would go up to 6.

your enchanted idea to me has more of a temporary vibe. still good idea. my thoughts are; it could be a longer duration of buff, maybe 30 min - to couple hour + , or cave / dungeon limited, i.e. you enter say “Scuttler’s Shortcut” apply an enchantment, and as long an there you get what ever buff you put on, as soon as you leave the enchantment goes away.

Haha I love the bejeweled armour as well its just a pain you can’t make it in iron or steel as its a ■■■■■■ to repair…
Dye it grey/silver… You’ll be running around like red sonja in no time!..

My reasoning behind enchaments…
This was my original post…

Are we going to get an option from crafting magical items.

Maybe they should be attuned to the player.
Corruption should have a bigger impact on the players health and stamina but the bigger the amout of corruption the more powerful the enchantment.

This could work for all enchanted weapons armour and tools.

Example a
Sword may do 20 damage.
But a fire sword may add heat to the players temperature add a little light and damage based on the players level of corruption and also give a corruption penalty when it is equipped.

An armour might increase strength for example.
But significantly reduce health and stamina because of the corruption penalty on it.

did and do lol :heart_eyes:

so if i’m reading your post right; make use of the corruption from obelisks as a asset buff, instead of a complete hindrance as it is now

Yes and no…
The corruption takes more off your stamina and health bars but gives you a wider benefit to ‘enchanted items’ but each enchanted item would also have a curse attached to it…
So it becomes more of a trade off between powerfull items and cost to health and maybe attributes…

Much obliged Eutus! I share your sentiment on some additional Hair & Beard styles, in addition to the ability to customize existing ones existing ones without resetting our character. A Barber in Sepermeru, or a Vanity Mirror are the two most common suggestions. This request has already recieved much support in the past. Here is a very high scoring thread on this issue if you would like to add your name to the pile:

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Because sometimes a girl wants to be a girl, not gender neutral. But I have no problems with both options.

Cloth for males? I want a snake skin thong for my male toon too. I want gender equality for all genders.

I objective! Thongs are for men too.

Who said anything about thongs? If you want to wear them that’s fine, no reason you can’t.

Bikini for all genders!

I would prefer that they update the reptilian armor (the armor worn by Hyborians in the volcano). Not only is that armor cold resistant (why do you need cold resistance in a volcano?), but it is low-tier armor (why do the toughest NPCs wear low-tier armor?). They should skimpify the reptilian armor, increase it to high-tier, and give it substantial heat resistance. I would prefer something more similar to Darfari appearance. Bikinis seem out of place to me. My guess is that if you were standing in a volcano, you would wear only enough to protect your most vital areas.

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Animal skin undies for all. Wouldn’t mind a half snake lady wearing a snake bikini also. Nothing wrong with running around half naked hacking up things in a styling leopard print thong.

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I think I said it before in this thread but I defiantly posted it before somewhere.

I’d like to see the armours actually make out of the skins you made them from…
Tiger strip… Elephant, white wolf etc etc
It would be quite neat to do that with the starting lyon cloth and wraps…
And also the under armour padding…

on contemplation of the animal skin looks. perhaps an advanced dye system could work. i.e. first you make an orange dye then ad a tiger skin to dye to make the stripe effect, when applied to armor. the extra fun would be finding all the combinations - like Asura’s Glory and leopard skin :wink:

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How about dragon scale armour?
Higher armour value… But covers less?

Do things of all the big cats…
And maybe the hyenans as well!

I’m still wondering why a snake would ever wear a bikini… :laughing:


They like to do a strip tease every so often!

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Set, the old serpent, dislike that

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