"Sneaky" funcom, this was NOT in the patch notes

i quit… because it was not mentioned in the patch notes… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

it spawns in two places in sepermeru! :slight_smile: screenshot shows one!

server 1930. (official PVE)


Can I have your stuff?


Does anything special or what? For the name?

Nice find!

Legendary repair kit? Flawless Hardened Steel Greatsword?

i dont know. :slight_smile: i dont recall that name from the wiki neither.

no idea. once it breaks. i will check :slight_smile:

Yea, not in wiki.

Nice. Thanks for the find, I’m going to be diving into the dev kit to work on my tier 4 thrall mods here soon. Scout reports of what Thralls can be found where, like this, is HUGELY helpful :slight_smile:

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only Beri will make that flawless hardened steel greatsword, but she spawns plenty up in New Asgard

SOOOO Palm, it’s been 24 hours :smiley:

excited bounce

Found anything interesting? :3

Unfortunately Kot-Arok, is just another peasant blacksmith, he does lot of flawless, Obsidian, Starmetal, Acheronian, Serpent-man, etc but is nothing special.
No legendary repair kits anyway.

I bagged Eujima the Keeper of Secrets (Darfari Blacksmith) at Fleshtearer Falls, just before the patch hit (might even have happened while the patch was downloading). He’s not listed in any wiki/guide I could find. Google says nothing.

It was really weird, I’d just cleared the entire camp and had set down foundations everywhere within it, as I wanted to see if I could build a base there that would spawn human purges (it’s a pretty spot with a great view) and I didn’t want constant NPCs re-spawning. Almost immediately after this, he came wandering into the camp down the northern path upriver, probably spawned at one of the nearby ‘patrols’ associated with the camp. I was all like, ‘Where did you come from, and who the hell are you? A named blacksmith? WTF? Never heard of you, ah, let me just get my truncheon.’ * astonishment turns into a grin *


edit : official server or modded?

am looking i am looking XD

Regular mob. Thanks, I should have made that clear.

That’s what was so weird about it. No purge or anything. I’d just cleared the entire camp, put some foundations down everywhere and I turn around to watch him come strolling in, all alone, as if coming home for supper. Perhaps for some roast human kebabs?

Edited to add: Single player local. Heavily modded, but none of the mods introduce new thralls that I’m aware of. Exiled Lands Improved is the only one that messes with thrall spawn rates. At least AFAIK.

I think he must have spawned on the northern path leading into the camp, just upriver/uphill from the actual camp itself.

could be a mod that added that thrall,. but ill look in single player. to see if there is anything spawning noteworthy.

Yeah, I’d considered that, but I don’t recall reading that any of the ones I was using do so, and I’m pretty thorough about reading up on every mod I install, descriptions and comments. Could have missed it though, or they could have neglected to mention it in their descriptions. I’d just added a few large-scale mods like Warrior Mutator & Emberlight too, so it’s certainly possible.

Are you using admin to spawn, kill, spawn, kill?


Nice. Well, hope I haven’t led you on a wild goose chase. Good luck :slight_smile: