"Sneaky" funcom, this was NOT in the patch notes



I recently have one Sayd Secretkeeper from seper west gate its an alch 4 as all prolly know.

Spawned at the regular alch spot there. The spot with also a cook at the couldron.

Official pve-c


I have to spend a decent chunk of time anyways for my tier 4 thrall mods. I could probably create a checklist of various (Google sheets) named Thralls of what I’ve found working and what I haven’t. Easier for me because I use a weighted system/self made mod to guarantee named Thralls spawn.

Anyways, if that’s helpful to you so you don’t have to spend hours on end killing the same Thralls over and over to determine spawn viability (and I assume, others doing the same), I could probably do that easy enough.


And @Palm522

I have not found any reference to Eujima at all in the SpawnDataTable or WeightedSpawnTableRow. I’ve asked for clarification from one of the wiki editors. I can’t test for this spawn since there isn’t a Thrall that goes by this name anywhere in either table to test.


well… probably product of a mod? …



@miodeleo This is my modlist (alphabetical, not load order, for easier reference) at the time I got Eujima. Since you also found him, are there any mods in your modlist that are also in mine? This would narrow it down. The only mod in the list that I’m aware messes with spawn rates is Exiled Lands Improved. I’ll shoot Alex02 the author a query if you’re using that mod too.

  • 100Level
  • Banners to the Gods
  • CharEditLite
  • DragThrallsInWater
  • DyeMoreBetterer
  • EmberLight
  • Exiled Lands Improved
  • Exiles Architect
  • Gardener
  • Glass Construction
  • Immerse RP & Building Décor
  • Jungle Building Set
  • Lemurian Architect
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions (& LBPR Collision Update Add on)
  • Light Armor Earrings
  • More Roofs by Accident
  • Pickup+
  • Populus
  • Pythagoras
  • Savage Steel
  • Seductive Derketo Priests
  • Sexy Silent Legion Armor
  • Stone Statues
  • Strays Thralls
  • Warrior Mutator
  • WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain


@Multigun Thanks for this. Are all the tier 4 thralls listed identifiable by name?


Leeux and I are working on a public data table right now. In the future if you want to know if there is such and such a Thrall that exists in the game, this data table should provide that info. I’m pulling this data directly from the dev kit. I won’t have location data, just whether or not the Thrall in question spawns or not. They are labled whether they are Exiles, Blackhand, etc, so that should at least give players a clue where to look.



Nevermind, mystery solved. It’s definitely Emberlight, I misread the meaning of something in their description… twice :crazy_face:

I’ll PM TheLolxd2 to remove Eujima from the wiki, as he shouldn’t be on there.

Edit: Scratch that, I’ve removed him myself. Never edited a wiki before, but was easy to do.

Also, really sorry Palm for wild goose chase, my bad. Having one of those self-facepalm moments, lol.


I can probably confirm that, since if I recall we had only five mods at that server and time. The two we have in common are Emberlight, and Unlock+. So it’s coming from either one of those most likely Emberlight as it has plenty content. By the way, that’s a whole lot of mods… it would take me 10 mins at least to start a game with so many mods! :open_mouth:


It’s Emberlight for sure. Unlock + doesn’t add any Thralls, though Emberlight does for their unique content.


Yeah, my PC is pretty good, though I would like to cut back on how many mods I’m running. I just don’t want to lose any of them…

You know what, I’m going to bite the bullet and cut.

Edit. Damn it this is so hard lol


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