Snow in the North is funky

This is related to the map it’s self

There are areas(lots of them) in the snowy north, where the visible ground and actual ground are not the same.

So I can be standing mid-air or under the snow, and either see under the map or not know where the floor actually is. This can also hide bodies and loot bags, which is really aggravating.

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Hey @TheVlad

Could you share coordinates or screenshots of the spots in which you noticed that mesh inconsistency?
Thanks in advance and for your feedback :slight_smile:

I noticed an area like this south of the frost temple obelisk near one of the giant statues. Exile sinks below the waist.

I was going to try putting a bedroll beneath some foundations as an experiment. I have a hunch those are areas that have undermesh issues.
just haven’t been up north lately to test it out

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