So 2 Dragon Powder for a 1 hour +3 buff

Yes, I am talking about warpaints.

Funcom… please, this is ridiculous…

Think about it!



I just looked in to how I am going to get that hard worker perk without respeccing all the time (I hate respeccing) And now I learn this.
I am not angry, rather a bit confused.
According to my limited knowledge, the Asura set plus black blood tools just lost its best feature. So how I figured is I will have to put 4 points into survival…which I don’t want to…and together with the armor and tools I will have to paint myself green which sounds cheap but as the OP states is rather expensive now, then wash my shame down with an elixir of ingestion.
Aaaand then I can go chop trees and mine stone.

I would just like to know why this was changed? Does Funcom want us to use the Determination warpaint more? Do they feel the Asura set Black blood tool combo is too good or too convenient?

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Agreed. They just got fking stupid on this massive update. Making armor, repairing armor, warpaint, etc. is too costly in resources. Also, oil is way too time consuming to get.

Thanks for taking the fun out of funcom and replacing it with grind.

I like it… Grindcom.

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