So, About Them Mounts

They could be used in 2 ways:
1 - Like other animals, with a further option “mount” in the menu.
2 - Like items in the quickbar, which spawn your animal a few steps behind you.

@Jens_Erik, totally makes sense - thanks for the clarification.
(Truly didn’t expect a surprise showing, especially in forums, of the new DLC)
Love the stuff coming out!

  • … and mounts - that is crazy awesome - not sure how you kept your composure at the end.
    (both of your poker faces at the end had me pondering if it was a prank!) lol!
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oh, myyyy, goddddd!!! (Hype is real!)

Totally didnt see this video

That poor bunny!

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Well seeing how the female versions are looking, I would guess its for the Derketo DLC.

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No problem :slight_smile:

I was a nervous wreck inside when we were wrapping up the stream. There’s a reason why my cheeks are so red towards the end :sweat_smile:


Awesome stuff coming in the near future. Def exited for it. Ok Im speechless. …

The first thing I thought when I saw this news was checking if it’s April 1st.

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Ganz toll gemacht Dave jetzt sind die Rüstungen von Testlive genommen worden! :frowning: pfui

Now we waiting for sorcery trailer =p

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Given the technical limitations that were the basis for not having them so far and the difficulty the server software already has in just staying afloat I’m worried about the technical ramifications.

As far as gameplay goes, I feel that fast mounts are liable to make the game world suddenly seem small. Thers’s also the fact that the game world wasn’t designed for them, so they’ll either get stuck everywhere or not be able to move particularly realistically, I feel.

But it seems they’re a given now so we’ll see how it goes.

And me without a PC to play this on lol, FML.

I really want to know more about how mounts are going to function. My main questions are

Will we have mounted combat?

Will mounts count towards your one companion limit?

Will mounts fight on their own when you’re dismounted?

What creatures can you mount?

good stuff,

question, is the mount thing wont cause MORE desync? i can tell the mounts seems faster than the NPC, does this mean the sync issues will be resolved? or you guys hit the nail head ? and desyncing wont be a thing when the mounts comes?

thank you.

i will also suggest that this set is kept for hot weather, and the dark templar for the cold one, XD

i do hope this new sets can be dyed… XD

Edit :

something is wrong with the color of the bracers on the guardian set

Description on new mounts trailer says we can …

A free update will see all Exiles able to capture and train their own mounts, as well as a new pet leveling system and mounted combat. This means players will finally be able to charge into battle, wielding their sword high, driving their enemies before them!


leveling system for pets, i am assumign it will also be a thing for thralls?

make that t4 from the exile faction be on par (by leveling it) of volcano thralls?


Ahh good catch, nice. Definitely gotta see how it plays out in game.

Im more excited about new armors than the mounts, but that is just me. But add some proper plate armour and a lance, that would bring out my inner crusader. Ymir Vult.

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The Warmaker dungeon has two different sets of full plate

Great Idea. I would add an automatic dismount if you are hit by a player/NPC if they introduce mounted combat.

Mounted combat is confirmed, we just haven’t seen it in action yet. Apparently this build is live on the showfloor at, twitchcon? So, maybe we will see more soon.

You should absolutely be dismounted by damage, either any damage, or after a certain threshold.