So, About Them Mounts

Great Idea. I would add an automatic dismount if you are hit by a player/NPC if they introduce mounted combat.

Mounted combat is confirmed, we just haven’t seen it in action yet. Apparently this build is live on the showfloor at, twitchcon? So, maybe we will see more soon.

You should absolutely be dismounted by damage, either any damage, or after a certain threshold.

From Answers of the Week, July 2, 2017:

Chronologically, this is from 9 days prior to Climbing, and the upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.15. Just putting all the components out there.

Currently, from what I can see, in UE 4.15 a mounted combatant should be subject to the rulesets of the standard character. As in throws/tosses, staggers, knocks, etc. should apply rather innately. I think beyond that it should be based on what we want from mounts.

Pray we can have proper bearers now, with a litter or some other conveyance. And I am still holding out hope for a rickshaw. Either thrall-driven or player-propelled. :crossed_fingers:


wow, it seems their plans never saw the light… it took 2 + years to put the mounts.

i am TRULY concerned about the desync it might happen , when moving in a much faster way… do hope they are taking that into account, and they are not simply putting a feature in an irresponsible way. (several game decisions has been pulled out int he same fashion in the past, so its not like there is no past reference as to what could happen)


I feel like in this particular instance, they would have just scrapped them if they thought it would cause this kind of issue.

What I’m more concerned is that somehow, some way, people will find a way to use these to dupe. Because apparently duping is just what people do in games these days.

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oh boy, with current history, i am concerned. (do wish to be wrong, and if i am , i will be posting a public apology… ) but i have good reasons to be worried about it. XD

Someday there will be dragons, elephants, saber-toothed tigers, bears, or stone noses that can be mountable or able or maybe fly on the back of a bat?

My hopes and dreams… Crushed …:sob:

Hey Jens_Erik, seeing as how the Debaucheries of Derketo is the next inbound DLC, can I request some placeable cats and cat statues in the pack? Im such a cat person.


For CATS! :cat2:

EDIT: Everyone I moved this to a standalone Suggestions thread so that it doesnt get lost/buried over time.


Truly hoping for tons of placeables for my new Stygia(Derketo) themed house with this new DLC!
Arena was awesome… don’t get me wrong, but this has a lot of great potential for decoration.


THIS^^. Me too Dhaylen soo much so. While the building pieces were nice, I feel that Blood and Sand was a let down in the placeables department. Banners…that was it. And while they were nice, we need more placeables. Heck if you ask me we can never have too many placeables!


@Croms_Faithful are you on PC? If yes there are two mods for you, if you want cats: Emberlight for a small pet and Schatten von Skelos for Derketo Cat Statues (and another nearly 600 placeables, taken mostly from the game).

No unfortunately Im a ps4 player Starwalker. But if I could I would.

I sure picked a hell of a time to get absurdly busy in RL, but hey maybe come December it’ll have died down, who knows!

In any case, I have the utmost respect for Funcom adding Mounts to the game at this late stage, and an extra big helping for tackling Mounted Combat, something that is NOT easy to get right. Sure, I’ve said in the past I don’t think mounts would be first on my list of big features, and that’s still true, but then I’ve discovered the shocking truth that Funcom isn’t making Conan Exiles just for me. (how dare they!).

Soldier on, boys and girls!


I’m looking forward to the mounts, I’m hoping we can at least load them with stacks of food items and not have them immediately consumed.

It’d be great if we could get barding for mounts. Perhaps an armor variant and a packmule variant at first.


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I just hope we get the horse animations from Age of Conan where if you press jump while standing still with the horse it goes up on 2 legs and if you press ctrl it does a back kick that would knock people back like this.


Wow I’ve just gotten past some intense RL stuff and haven’t been on for months. I am pretty excited to start playing again! Never ever thought I would see mounts. Good job FC!

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Thank you for the suggestion. In the end it’s up to the designers, but I’ll add the suggestion to our list.

I know Joel has said he really wants it in Exiles :sweat_smile: We’ll see if it actually makes it in. No promises.


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