So been playing for a week now and my initial feedback and suggestions (non bug related issues)

First 3 minor things really but would dramatically impact immersion and setting imo

  1. Absolutely mandatory in my opinion is a massive increase in designs for clothing and style. LvL 30 right now and have precious few options for appearance of thraws I have broken. This one omission surprised me as would seem like such a no brainer in this type of game.

  2. Ability to rename Thraws you have broken and placed them

  3. Ability to change clothing on Thraws specific to work stations

  4. Better explanations on how to do something ingame (if you like me you veiw being forced to watch utube videos or use google as a game design issue. Any game. But sadly a number of items in game leave you with zero chance of figuring out with out alt tabing outta game to look online. Thats a game faliure imo and the solution is to better explain the ingame help section)

Over all fun game but coming up way short in a few areas