So,did ingame petition and reports really work?


I mean,none of my petition get replied and GM even dont take action to those currency saling bots spamming everyday in lfm Chanel…and I am more than a paid player,I am actualy 7k ish euro paid in 1 month,did custom service closed even for me???
Edit:GM helped me out with live chat even helped me with my other problems that have not written in my old petition,I am so happy that the game still recieve care,thx gms and devs and keep on the good work!


Did you actually submit any petitions? People do tend to overlook they have to confirm the submission. Basically, if the petition window comes up empty next time you use it, you never did submit anything.

Even if you did correctly submit each time, I’m not sure if CS can even see old un-answered petitions beyond the one currently active (with information storted in the petition window). This might be a good time for somebody like @christa or @Nossos to clear that up, actually.

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well,the petition screen was stucked at what I reported some weeks ago,I cant update it neither delete it for new ones,not sure how to do with that…
but until today spammers was still spamming in lfm this morning.It not seems any GMs were taking action…and I am sure not only me but many other ppl also reported that bot…
I am okay with custom service only to paid player,but I maybe the most paid player in whole SWL still cant use ingame support,thats make me feel a bit disapointed.In the page of petition it also said there Will be some GM live-chat stuff but I dont know where was that,o maybe just my bad dont know how to use?
Well,wtever…I now dont care about others issue I reported…just ban those currency saling bots plz…


Err, you do realize that it’s probably a new bot every couple of days? Can’t really get rid of them as long as some gold seller thinks the game is worth besieging. That’d ultimately require some kind of broad IP-based block that carries too big a risk of also hitting actual players.


@ [BombShelley] well,that is posible…anyway,I hope gms still did not abandoned this game,I love it so much…


Even then, it’s not like gold sellers aren’t used to circumventing efforts to stop them advertising /sigh


Do not worry about the GMs abandoning the game, they are still there. The wait times on petitions have been a lot longer than usual lately, but that is down to them being incredibly busy. But they are trying to get to everyone as quickly as possible :slight_smile:


@ bumblebeard yeah they just helped me via live chat.I am afraid that my old petitions maybe just not correctly submited,because they helped me today about 1 hour right after I remake my petition.

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Petitions, yes. Bug reports, no.


Far be it from me to undermine your pithy response but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t asking about bug reports. :v:


There’s a specific block of time (midnight-8am Eastern US, I believe) where the game has no live support cause they only run 2 shifts, and that’s the only time I’ve seen gold spammers, so… probably that’s tied together.


If I remember right goldspammers normally get so hard reported that they get deleted from the face of the world hard fast.
I always try to give them a report.^^


As annoying as they are, I’d be even more concerned if the game was so dead that even the gold sellers had left. :wink: