So far all my thralls are better at level 19 than at 20?


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Spinas (T4 volcano) needs from lvl18 to 19 ~2.5MIL XP :wink:
From another screenshot, a relic hunter needs from 19-20 2.799.375 XP :wink:

So no, it gets slower for all thralls. And its even more “punishing” for higher factions.

This is an SP run, so there will be no calls for help. :grinning:

But I went into this lil experiment expecting the worst.

Whoops, I wasn’t clear in what I meant. My bad. In my MP game, I’m leveling a Snowhunter and yeah, it’s definitely a grind, but with her the points almost don’t matter. She’s at lvl 8 and can handle pretty much anything already whereas a lvl 8 Darfari Fighter I would probably get hammered in the UC.

Which is theoretically fine. I don’t expect a Darfari I to compete with a Spinas, but if you’re talking base defense/general usability and ability to get those defenses up from a scratch start it feels a lot harsher than leveling up Snowhunter who is already next to invincible at a low level.

For comparison, I used a a few (3 I think) lvl 0 Lians in pretty decent gear, but no Leggy gear to fend of a Cimmerian purge in my MP game. Pretty sure I could have had 3 times as many ‘starter level thralls’ and would have lost that fight. lol

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Yeah, understood that different.

Fierspark made a video, which I cannot find currently… I think it was firespark. And even weaker thralls get their job done, when they are lvl20. They need longer, because of lower dmg output.

But they have mostly way more health than high faction thralls at lvl20.

According to this video, there are 3 different xp sections. Low, middle and high.

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Yeah, the lower thralls seem to start coming ‘into their own’ around level 10-ish, maybe a bit less with better gear. (I just got my first t4 armorer thrall two or three play sessions ago, still no Blacksmith beyond a II tho.) And by that I mean, they can handle bigger/multiple threats with some ease.

I might test out a lvl 10 I or II in the UC just to see what happens after this Purge hits.

I have found it does not matter , many many many T3 turn out better then the named thralls.

I’m interested, tell me more! :slight_smile:

Do they turn out better because:

  • they have better attributes?
  • they have better growth chances?
  • they get fewer crappy perks?
  • there are some hidden stats that change their bonuses/damage/health?
  • all of the above?
  • none of the above?
  • some of the above?

And another one with the same fate:


I will go in game in a bit and get some shots of HP and stats of some I have at a couple of my bases.

I will say sometimes you do get lucky and get a named thrall that will very much live up to this name.

I had a purge last week at my base built down by the dregs. I had my purge set to 5 to test how my thralls reacted as base is pretty much done and I think I have the right amount of guards so had this A horde of darfari cannibals (Ostriches)). Got a couple of named crafters and one named Fighter who beat me near to death and I am level 60+.

I mean his stats could be better I guess some might say but I am very happy with him, he hits like a truck and they can beat on him till the cows come home and he still stands. I have not taken him to the Wine Celler yet but I so dislike that place with thralls lost a few to that cursed place lol or to Warmakers but I suspect he will have no problem holding his own as that Arena champion wipes my butt every time alone, just can not get by that port to my back move she has.

His name is Filetooth -

Oh yes better say this is single player / co-op server modded by myself and I have made very sure I have no mods that touch thrall leveling as I really wanted to just see Funcom had done and how I really liked it or not.

I hate to say as I will show you some of my poor named thralls that I am disappointed in how this came out for me personally, how others see it well I can not speak to but for me its taken a part of the game I spent hundreds of hours doing and turned it into a grind, it has made thralls I was excited to find and tame and turned them into a maybe, a chance, a who the hell knows thrall.

I don’t mean I had hundreds of thralls as I did not by a long shot as I am against that on any server but I mean the hours spent looking, finding, taming and seeing if they really were an archer or were they a fighter thralls. I have to say I believe that some of this code for the changes to the thralls has been in game bit by by as there were so may archers who acted like fighters and fighters who were much better with a bow in their hands but A.I. is so wacky maybe just weird thralls or my old age catching up with me lol. I will get a little more info tonight and show you why I think T3 or mostly better then named at moment.


I honestly have not leveled a Thrall to 20 yet. I hit 12-15 and quit. I got one to 10 and she got universal Warrior and I stopped so I wouldn’t ruin her. The grind is too much. I have been keeping a chest of thralls and if any die on a purge I just replace them.

I really like the idea of the thrall leveling system. Sometimes leveling to try to get the best, and then getting the worst, is part of the excitement. The time it takes for me to level one up is not part of the excitement. I agree with @Zeb that my time is very important. If i still lived with my parents and I was able to come home and have my mom deliver Cheetohs and Coke to my room while I played I wouldn’t have any complaints. But that is not the case.

Unless I have missed it I have not seen one Dev response in 256 posts. I find that rather disappointing. I am hoping it is because they just don’t have an answer yet and they are gathering data. I am hoping to see a response soon so it doesn’t appear that this issue is being ignored.

I will say what I have said again, if it did not take me 4 days to level a thrall to 20 the bad perks wouldn’t bother me as much.

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I would be very surprised to see any dev wade into a discussion like this. It would not make anything “better” for it. They will likely listen, note the salient points, have an internal meeting (maybe invite someone if they feel someone has some unique perspective) and they will make a decision and if a change happens, note it in the patch notes.

Getting a negative perk definitely kills my motivation to level a thrall.

Got Beast-tamer Ulfarn in a purge, and he starts with about 12k HP. Spent an hour running him around UC and at 10th he got -3 STR, +5 Survival. :roll_eyes:

He isn’t ruined, but I am no longer motivated to level him. He has 14k HP, so he can be a guard for the base when the next purge comes.

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A job for every thrall…

See, when I saw that a “leveling system” was being added, I was excited because I love D&D and other RPGs, and the thought of being able to have cool and unique thralls had me excited.

However, there’s a big difference between leveling a character in a real RPG and in Conan. In RPGs, you actually get to select how your character improves. You can pick what skills they’re good at, what perks/feats they get, how their attributes improve. Indeed, that’s one of the reasons I prefer Pathfinder to D&D proper these days. One has a wealth of character options, the other is much more limited.

Yet instead of anything like that, any sort of system that’s actually engaging, we have virtually no agency over how our thralls progress. Instead of being active participants as we would in any other game, we’re completely beholden to chance. About the only “input” we can make is what food to feed them, and what gear to equip them with. To top it all off, we can then get all our work grinding (and yes, in PvE particularly it is work) crapped on by a “reward” system that can completely go counter to our efforts.

Call it a leveling system if you want, but it’s not really in any classical sense. :frowning:


We talked about it, but i want to say here that i completly agree with you. A levelling system is a fabulous idea, but has not been done correctly. Nothing can be perfect first try and this system proves it. However, while not being perfect, it’s still far from being at least good because having a RNG system based on so much work in time is a bad idea. Having parts of RNG isn’t a bad idea (like with the stats % grows chance) but important values like the perks canno’t be RNG, it’s not possible.


There are lots of games where an rng is used to determine perks/feats. Funcom was not doing anything new here. Its fine to say that you dont like the system; thats fair enough as it comes down to taste. But sweeping generalizations dont move the ball, especially when they arent accurate.

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I really feel awful. Going through Executioner’s Entrance a few times, meeting some new server pals, crushing them while my Sherpa goes ham, this has been a wholesome experience for me. I suspect if I had to wait 4x as long, it would’ve worn on me by now. Maybe the real reason I can’t get angry at this way of doing things with followers is because I’ve never been exposed to a leveling system in the first place.

There is a lot of validity to what you’re saying, as over time @zerog has taught me plenty about the rules and conventions of D&D. A whole new world and way of thinking in analog to this game too. Anyway, I hope you are satisfied with how it goes from here on out, because your words are being pathfinders of their own. :madeofstars:


I think a big part of the problem that we haven’t touched on yet is the huge experience gap between 15-20. Leveling an upper tier Faction thrall (FT and above) to 15 isn’t a huge effort (on PvP), as it only takes a little over 8m XP. If I hit a bad perk at 10 or 15, deleting the thrall still sucks but I’ve only lost about half an hour to an hour of grind (plus finding/breaking it). However going from 15-20 is a bit over 11m XP, making the last 5 levels and final perk a bigger grind than the first 15. At that point, getting a bad perk really makes the worst part of it a double kick in the teeth.


Ok so had some time sorry took so long to show you a few T3 that made me wonder about named Thralls.

First here is Janos, got at the same camp as the other two fighters I will show. Sorry do not have stats for Janos but he was at level 20 already.

Now a Level lll

Now lets try Hagar Hawkeye

next Level lll Archer from same area.

and a Level lll fighter same area

Perks are better on the lll’s and all around they are a better thralls then the named.

I do have a bit of a strange way of leveling each thrall, I only level them in the area I find them, so some of them take 4 hours some take 9 depends on area as only so much xp in some areas compared to others.

Could you do such tests on the high-end thralls? So Cimmerian berserker or Dalinsia, Volcano guys and RHTS?

PS.: An archer (Hagar) with 8 acc :smiley: :smiley: