So far all my thralls are better at level 19 than at 20?


Sure can, will take a day or so but I have a couple of new Berserkers in the wheel got new last night will run and get a Dalinsia after lunch.

I have some RHTS also at my base already, think have a named archer and a fighter, have to check on which ones.

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I mean, yes they definitely got better perks, you got some junk rolls on the Janos and Hagar, but the damage modifier can’t be seen so I bet the T4s still hit harder than the T3s. And that’s a small sample size to say that all T3s come out with better perks.

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Better on the viewable stats only.

I am putting together a .db pull and hope to have it out that may show the hidden stats of levels.

Right now 3 of the stas are really unknown. STR DMG % , ACC DMG % AND SURVIVAL Numerical effect. VIT and AGI show up on screen as hard stats…Health and Armor total. Both act the same as on a player. But without base numbers for the other three (STR,ACC,SUR) we can’t tell if a 23% DMG rating on a T4 Volcano thrall is better than a 50% DMG rating on T1 Dafari thrall. My guess is it is, but how much is important when you start tracing time vs advantage (especially on PVP servers). If i can level T3 Volcano thrall in half the time as a named T4, plus it breaks on the wheel in half the time, and get comparable numbers, it may end up being more efficient during a war time run.


If you can get those numbers, actual hard numbers, from the files, I’d be your thrall for life.

I’m more interested in the Base Melee and Base Ranged numbers, but I still don’t know what to think of Survival. The way the stat is written, it seems to simply reduce the length of the effect (which isn’t great against poison arrows and such), but many people claim that a high Survival reduces the damage taken as well. I haven’t been able to test that much as of yet but if you find any information on that I would be most interested.

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Those are just a couple of examples that I have shown, I have 4 bases done and new one in cold area working on so I thrall every day and I can be honest and I will say most named are not worth the time it takes to farm them but again that is just in IMO, I also would not say every single T3 comes out better then a Named but if you take in to account having to farm the named one and depending on your re-spawn rate on the server you are on.

You are right both Janos and Hagar were junk, the worst thing is the 2 before them were worst. So the time put into a named thrall could very well have been put in to a T3 and got the same chance at a great perk so I think the thing that bothers me the most is what makes named thralls worth farming?

Why have a named thrall that should be a better thrall as its uncommon, harder to get, but then put them in the same perk pool. Do they hit harder? I can not speak to that but I can say the T3 are much faster into a fight then the named at least in my observation so far.

Its so hard to make hide or hair of this new Thrall system.

The bad part is, I doubt the users of the system are the only ones saying that.

So got some of the RHTS and named and T2 and T3 from the same factions.

Now two Hunter Treasure Seekers

Test 1

Test 1

Now a T2 of same faction

T3 of same faction

Now the named Lissa o’ the Longbow well she did not do well, the RHTS did better but the T2 and T3 are easier to get, no farming to get them, just run though Set City and pick the one you want the RHTS are a bit harder to get for sure and for not much better if any stats.

So not that the named one are no good but they are not much if any better and alot of times worst then an easy to get T3 fighter or archer.

Working on the rest still.


That’s very helpful, thanks for posting. Dig that armor set on Lissa, shame she got such a bad roll. Did she level in different armor, and did you use one or multiple attribute-modifying foods?

I mean, her strength bonus is low, and she got dinged for Accuracy. Ouch. I hope you can get a functioning Mandughai Hundred-Arrow to replace her.

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That Lissa is the perfect example for another thread I have going:

Basically you got a decent perk at 10, then got dinged at both 15 & 20 because at the higher levels for the upper T4 thralls, your chance of a negative keeps increasing and the negative perks are still left in the rotation. So at 15 you hit a negative Accuracy perk (there are 2 that are level 15 and up), then at 20 instead of a better chance at one of the +10 perks you got hit with a negative Accuracy level 10 perk, which probably shouldn’t even be in the rotation at that point.

As you get to each next perk tier with the T4s, you lose the access to the overall positive perks but never stop the chance of getting the lower tier negative perks.

My clan has 80 guards at level 20 (and a lot were just released at 10 or 15, and then started over with a fresh thrall) and we still need to replace about 20 of them. That’s not counting the several level 29s we have replaced already, or the number of personal thralls we have gone through. You just flat out get shafted at the higher level perks, and that really sucks since they require such an exponential time commitment.


Ty, I try to use different armors and colors on my thralls be they archers or fighters and then different at each base. I know I love to play barbie my bf tells me lol.

Depends on the Thralls if I use one food or maybe a couple trying to give them best perks possible.

I also put them in the armor I will be putting them in depending on each base when I take them out of the wheel. I know that some armors will give better Strength or Accuracy to the thrall and I will work within that idea some but to be honest have not found that has any bearing on them leveling so far. Its just a perk to bring up their points after totally at level 20.

Ha! What little boy didn’t like to accessorize his action figures?! :smiley:

If you play PvP sometimes you run into players who are real adherents to the philosophy of “if it’s not well used, steal it.” One of these malcontents will likely steal a non-dyed set of armor just out of principle.

It is good info to know you are keeping them in their same set of armor, though. Do you have a feel for which of them hits the hardest?

Yeah, you beat me to the punch.
I am hopeful that i can dig into dev kit tonight and make sense of base stats for each thrall. Depends on if we have break in war tonight though :confused:

I have to say that from what I can see so far Purge fighters hit the hardest. I have a Filetooth and a Broodwarden Raiss both will kick your butt to Sunday and back but a non purge thralls have to say seems strange but Tarman out beats just about every other fighters I have tried, not sure why but he can stand toe to toe with just about anything and come out alive and he hits like a freaking Mac truck.

If it were not for hit points alone I think Tarman comes out on top so far for who hits the hardest. He has to have some hidden perk not sure.

I do have to say I never play pvp anymore , to old for the crap that goes on on some of the officials with the cheaters. I stay to private servers and single player / co-op.

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I have to agree it looks really cool (I’ll be copying it). It looks b*tchin.

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If you were on Xbox I would offer to come defend/attack while you dig, get those numbers! :wink:

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PS4…but i did get some work done on it…will be making a thread i will update as i figure out more info…surprising info i did find.


New game, think I was level 24 or 25 when I got her off the wheel. She near beat me to death getting her on it but once she is more pliant to my expectations of her we beguin, think I spend well 8 or 9 hours on her or more but at level 20 this is what I got. Stats are pretty good, good hp, not bad perks at 10 and 15 +3 to ACC not the best but decent then level 20 BOOM -5 to ACC, why why why… I just do not get it who designed this feature and who said oh ya great thing, lets let our players spend hours to work on each thrall then give them a bad roll on last level. We will keep them busy for weeks with thralling.

I mean holy crap do Funcom play this game, have they ever gone out and leveled a thrall all the way to level 20 and saw these rolls or was it just puff this looks like it should work, yup console it in, level one up with level command, yup ok not bad , ok great it works and puff that is it. As this is the most frustrating system sorry for rant but I hate to gamble with my time.

I for sure will keep her and she will hit her mark I am sure and as she is an archer that is all I need of her, she will never be in combat and if she was she has the hit points to manage I am sure but I just can not understand that last perk punishment every single thrall. Geeze so frustrating. But got her so thought show her off. Not bad just perks make no sense at all.


Yep, more ruined leveling. Certainly the thralls are not that much worse with -10 to strength for a Fighter, it’s more of a “negative game function for no reason” thing. I guess that would be “NGFFNRT”, nagiffnert? It’s just gives you a bad perception of Conan Exiles.

So for just a purely ‘Quality of Life’, “QoF” fix, the negative affects should be no more than minus 3 points and then only if they are compensated by a plus 8 to 12 stat increase in something else. The minus 5 de-buff is just too much when it can take you 7 to 10 levels to to get the stat to increase by 5. It makes no difference in the long run, it’s just a perception thing. Makes you wonder what the point is.

I just finished leveling an Erii who, despite a 55% chance to increase and an added 14% from gruel (for a total of 69%), only gained a whopping 7 points in Strength over all 20 levels. Had he received a -5 at 20 he would only have ended up with 2 strength points over a freshly deployed level 0.

Given that he was eligible for the -5 strength perk at levels 15 & 20 because Votaries spawn with 15 strength (well within the 9-99) range required, it was a very real possibility.

I’ve adjusted my leveling strategy: if the growth chance for the attribute I’m most interested in is lower than 75%, I break the bonds and place another. 55% chance? Don’t even start leveling.