So how long will you go on with this unfinished game till you fix it?

  1. Pathing an KI is still really not working as it should. Teleporting thralls and pets on really hard to path ways is ok, but they do port most of the time because of a to weak calculated pathing. Fighting with a pet as example in New-Asagarth is really a pain especially with big animals. This needs to be fixed!

  2. Purge actually didnt work at all since release and it gets worse every update. Do you even have staff working on problems like this?

  3. Decay-System. As I mentioned a few month ago it is BS to have such a short time that your buildings exists. 7 Days are way to short for bigger Buildings. You put a lot of work in it and if you are away for 1 1/2 week (maybe vacation) it is gone. I mean it is a persistent game, you should really work on that, so that you can go higher on official servers. Under a month is BS.

  4. Building load times are really to high. I heard you work on that, I hope it will be released in my livetime :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. Filter: Can you add a filter for just see things that fit for a crafting station. As example for a smelter. If you hit a checkbox you can only see stone, ore and so on for easier swap stuff between inventory and smelter.
    Maybe one more Checkbox for fuel. That will increase the QoL of the game a lot.

I mean you made a lot of Money out of this unfinished game and want more because of expensive dlc. But if you want to keep the game running and make more money out of it you really should fix the features you have promised. If you don’t, it really makes no sense to buy any new games from your Company, at least if ppl don’t forget till you release your next 6 projects in the making :wink: Stop making stuff that is unfinish at release or at least put in the effort to fix the problems asap. And stop this excusing bs on stream, just fix stuff! :wink:


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