So I paid the ransom and am free again

After being held hostage by Funcom for around 54 hours I decided to pay the 1,109 crom coins (around 10 euros) as ransom and got immediate access to my char again.

According to the scrrenshot I have been taken good care of, my base is up and running.

It won’t last, others did the same thing and next log in were banned again

So I won’t log off, then…


false , i did payed off , to get out, after they implemented the fix in the back end yesterday, an i have been playing since yesterday without an issue. and i have loggeed out , close client and logged back in without problems, !

funcom owns me over 17k crom coins, i expect collect next week :slight_smile:

Great for you both. I just dropped 80 bucks on this game during the Black Friday sale to prep for this release, they are not getting anymore money from me. If they do refund you for 17k CC, I’d love to hear about that when it happens.


i will let you know my friend,
i know how frustrated you might feel, but this issue will be resolved and your coins will be there for you!

funcom is many things, thieves is not one of those things.

80 bucks? That is rough. I only do hope that this will be resolved. We are talking about real-life money here.

At this point my last bitnof patience and understanding was burned away. I happen to be a stay a home wife, whose main game is this one and my husband is fully supportive of me spending money on the cosmetics. I dont ever spend frivolously on handbags and shoes, but i love the detail the artists of this game put into the sets and decor. This company took a 5 year loyal ideal customer and blocked me playing all weekend after taking my money. I used to defend them for their mistakes. Now im convinced this company will never change.


I feel for you. I love real life bags, but put their purchase on hold to spend money on virtual cosmetics (funny to say, my companion is happier this way because in-game items take less space than real bags at home lol).

I do not mind having to get away from the game for a couple of days if it means Funcom can fix bugs and such, but I do mind having my account banned and currency balance completely wrong. Thanksfully, they solved the issue very fast in my case. By the way, for those unbanned, please tell me if they gave you extra Crom Coins compared to your original balance as a compensation (or mistake, maybe?). Looks like it’s happening to many accounts.

The downside of this update: my friend left Conan. As a consequence, I will not be able to play on the official server on my own. I have to start from scratch on a less time consumming server.

The upside of this update: having to play alone rather than with a friend, I tried the solo server and god mod for the first time yesterday. So far, I had never been interested in completing anything outside of the survival mod, even after 2397 hours of play. Since I cannot play on a regular schedule, I missed a few items of a previous Battle Pass. But now? God mod, I will never lose an item I paid for again :triumph:

@Tystin,are you playing on your own (or any other dedicated private) server? The you could at least create a new Steam account, use the family sharing option and play with a new char.

At least you could play. Not a solution, but it does work.

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