So, If you don't log in for an hour right after new patch released, will you lose all thralls?

From current state testlive, it seems thralls (fighter/archer/dancer) or pets get 59 mins to be dead without food.

I am worrying if all thralls gonna die in fields right after new patch released in official servers in 1 hour, and if players don’t log in fast enough, the count down of 59 mins will begin right after new patch released to official servers for all thralls death in the entire server.

I wonder if everyone who log in like more than 1 hour after new patch released will lose all field thralls for that.


Sure hope this is not going to happen. - this is not thought out well.

Hungry thralls shouldn’t die. Maybe go into “starvation mode” where their health drops to 100 and they don’t fight anything.

That said, I am strongly opposed to having to feed thralls at all. Are you telling me that grown humans are incapable of feeding themselves when hungry? This is a stupid mechanic that will drive far more people away from the game than it makes happy!!!

If I can order slaves to fight, why can’t I order them to go get something to eat so they don’t die? This is not thought through well at all.


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