So.... I'm suspended. Lost it all?

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I joined up with a bigger clan, and I don’t mind much that my personal base gets removed, but someone in the clan made a beautiful village/Castle. I don’t think that was the one that caused us to be suspended. (Blocking of resources)

We had many bases under our name after many of us joined up together, so what I’m wondering: Is all our bases now destroyed? Or will I log in with the Beautiful base they made being fine?
Though I didn’t put any effort into it, I was still told by the architects that left the server to try and not destroy the base, so now I’m wondering what they are gonna have left if they return.

sad to hear that man, unfortunatelly everything will decay, if it was not wiped by an admin. If the base was not wiped and you still able to log in (the suspension will be efective only on next server restart) you can try to pass your clan to someone you trust, to try to preserve something.

If you make a village you may be breaking ToC since it can be considered unnecessary landclaim for decorational purpose and that is not allowed, so the reason for the ban could be that place :wink:
Devs never leave anything behind in case of a clan ban, they will destroy all building parts anywhere there is a clan base.
They do not go into details and delete all placeables and followers, so there may be some leftovers here and there, but I have not seen a dev wiped clan have any buildings left :slight_smile:

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It’s not your fault! All you have to do is send them a message through psn so they know about the ban. You did really good to join big clans, it worth the ban.

Ah. That is unfortunate…
It is what it is

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We don’t know if he play on pc or consoles, he never mentioned it :wink:
Also I am not against joining big clans, but personally I would never join a clan unless I know the members really well.
It would suck to get a ban just because a clan member didn’t care at all about rules and got everyone else banned too, and while some may not have known that they were breaking the ToC, being in a big clan always increase the risk of getting a ban, that is something to be aware of before joining a clan, everyone is responsible for each other and punished equally if ToC is broken :slight_smile:


You are really close to my point @Frillen . People get banned unfairly because they decided to join a big clan. @Bone-Brother knows the risks but he chose to socialize in this game and that’s wonderful. He knew the risks but he placed people above game and that’s really important. Other than that participating in a big clan is a beautiful experience this game has, that’s why his ban was “worthy”.
Why since we listen from Dennis about alliances we don’t see them? They must come because good players are in the danger of getting banned just because they decided to socialize in this game and cooperate. Devs, don’t need to get rid off alfa clans, the game just need alliances so people can share even offline.
Imagine if you could place a chest in my property without being in the same clan. I could share safely with you without the fear of being stolen in any mode, except bombing of course on pvp. Imagine in a pve-c server or a pvp server to come and help me on a purge without the fear that our thralls will agro on us and not the purge.
If people had a safer way to socialize they wouldn’t risk to clan with people they don’t know at all.


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