So, I'm trying to decide what healer to start levelling


Having played all three healers in the game to level 80, my vote would be for the ToS. Sure it’s a caster, but while you can go many places without a Bear, there are some you can’t go without a ToS. Here’s a few things that make it so awesome:

  • ToS AA idol is the best gold heal in the game… heals everyone nearby in the raid, and doesn’t put a debuff on recipients, so every ToS can use it. Bears only heal their group, and PoMs have a debuff so only one can use.
  • ToS AA coils is best dps gold perk for healers
  • ToS silence is so useful in T3 for mage adds, Arbanus, Keeper (tempest)… also for Chatha fight in T2 if anyone does that anymore
  • AoE root for Toth, for adds in first T6
  • Stuns
  • Steadfast Faith very useful for AoK unchained
  • Bears and PoMs will very rarely out-dps or out-heal a ToS. Not saying it never happens, but a good ToS will usually be at top of both heals and dps.
  • Solo Khitai for faction grind can be done with your eyes closed with a ToS… super fast and easy
  • ToS is caster, but with Storm Field you will be up close in most fights
  • Need someone to do Commanding for Entity… ToS rules
  • Should also add… ToS Fangs is same as Bear’s Bewilder, only it’s faster to get off, and a guaranteed aoe, whereas Bear has to make more of an effort to get it one more than one toon… and will completely miss if someone moves it mid-combo

If your primary aim is healing with a melee toon, then you have to go with Bear… but if you want to maximize heals, dps and utility, ToS is the one!


In other words not ToS. It sounds exactly like another boring caster wit point and click. Either way, I already decided on BS, ToS doesn’t sound interesting at all.


@oryks is right, it’s easier to learn a bit at a time, especially on a class like BS, which has really a lot of micromanaging.
However, if you really want to jump straight to lvl 80, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Keep the manifestations running all the time;
  • Use Internal Bleed every time it’s off CD;
  • Renew the blue heal every 15 seconds;
  • Use the green heal every time is off CD, to boost a finisher (usually Shrewd Blow);
  • Put 2 ranks of Crush Armor on your hotbar, and use them;
  • Keep mana potions running, bs can have serious mana problems;
  • You basically have only 1 spec available: link;

That said, BS is really a fun class, but don’t expect to just jump in and master it. It will take some time.


As in with everything, also, thanks for the info. I will certainly keep it in mind. As well as the build.


What is point and click? If it is what I think it is neither pom nor tos have a point and click spell besides the resurrections.
Demo has 2 and necro has 1.
If you count spellweavebuffs as “click” then every sw-class has four possible click-only buffs.
But if you do not like casters in the first place what is the point of this thread? Only choice left was BS, surprisingly^^…


You don’t understand what I meant, and I won’t bother explaining it. But tos and pom both have this, and BS doesn’t. Either way, I already know all I need.


GL with the bear… would give you mine if I could… half T6, two WB capes, two fully gemmed RF rings, all AAs trained… Don’t vary from what Yawgmoth said and you’ll do fine.

Also… take a look at this guide if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s old, but still pertinent, given the lack of development in this game:


Thanks a lot

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