So it's not an expansion its a new game!

So you’d rather them just call it a new game and charge 60$ for it? I can’t believe the backlash I’m seeing about not being able to transfer characters between both maps, there is ONE GAME that does that successfully, to set you expectations to what ONE other game has accomplished is downright silly, instead of just putting down your argument I will instead list a few survival basebuilding games that require the same if not more effort to build/gather supplies with more than just one map. Dayz/Arma 3/Rust/Miscreated/

So what, was the Neverwinter Nights expansion Shadows of Undrentide not an expansion then? That was a standalone campaign that was set concurrent with the base game. There’s always been expansions that are still part of the game but are their own thing.


I am afraid your definition does NOT satisfy as an expansion only as a requirement. And yes it is a new game sort of. A game that requires you to “restart” a fresh character is not true expansion. If I were able to travel to Siptah with my current level 60 character and explore then go home to my base near the Frost Temple, that would be an expansion. This is essentially a new game that Expands the Conan world.

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I just want to go on record that the game is not playable on the Xbox since the last update an now I’m a broken record just like funcom :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

Yeah so I get to pay 20 bucks for a DLC instead of 10… sigh…

I’m curious as to why people keep saying unreal can’t support this or that, transfers, etc. Ark uses unreal. Unless I’m just misunderstanding what people are saying lol


Ark, dont forget that one, they have like 9 maps or something…

Its more like you get to pay $20 to participate in live testing…sly…


I could have accepted a complete wipe had Siptah been part of the the current world even if you have to zone in similar to parts of the volcano entry. I could even accept a totally new map with all the current zones reworked and siptah as a new zone because they couldn’t get the old and new to mesh. BUT, having to chose between playing on the current map, or on the Siptah map is BS. We all know which map will get funcom support with future dlc etc. It is highly likely no new dungeons or zones will be added to the “old” map. So in a sense its dead.


The genre of game is immaterial to the point at hand. It is an expansion, one of several forms an expansion can take. Just because you don’t want it to be so doesn’t change the fact at all.

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Except that the only part of the DLC content that is not available to use on the existing map is the new map itself. All the building pieces, armors, & weapons will be available to use on the exiled lands and is not exclusive to the isle of siptah. please feel free to rewatch the live stream from funcom this morning to find that information for yourself.

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so if the server you were playing on wiped the database and you had to start over from scratch would you also classify that as a new game?

Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything anyone can say here to change people’s minds, if the stream didn’t change them already.

The definition of the “expansion pack” is a matter of facts, not feelings. However, there are people who are determined not to let the facts stand in the way of their dislike for this update. When you point out the definition, they’ll say “it doesn’t add content to the game, so it’s a new game”; and when you point out that it does add content to the game, they’ll say “so it’s a DLC, then”.

Anyway, this is the last post I intend to write on this particular topic. They can have fun moving the goalposts as much as they want, I’ve got better things to do :wink:


Of course - the main point of contention I have is the assertion that it just isn’t an expansion. It is. It’s cool if you don’t want to start over, it’s also cool if a different method of implementation would have been preferred. All these and more are perfectly valid points and I wouldn’t fault anyone for having them.

But it is an expansion. It expands the base game. Now, this is a bit of an abstraction - but the exiled lands aren’t the game. They’re a part of it, but it’s what you can do that is the game not just necessarily where you do it.

There’s something to be said for petitioning some kind of transfer program later on, but while it works in Ark, I’ve also seen such things come along with problems of their own (transferring characters between base/expansion worlds in Dark & Light, for example was fraught with things going haywire).

I’m with you on that one 1000000%

I think key difference would be, New game means you can use nothing from Isles, in Exile Lands = New game.

But I’m sure player can use certain aspects on exile lands. Therefore its stays in expansion list. Not mention most of exile lands recipe will still be there.

No one really threw a fit during Ark with Scorch Earth basiclly locking in several buildings and gear since only that place dropped cactus sap and sand.

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You lose as much progress in CE as you do in any Fighting game with a new character, PvP shooter with a new map, None. You have all the progress on your old map.

Some ppl have never played ark and are unaware it is built on the same engine as CE.

Ark is an older game than CE. Ark has so many more game mechanics it is hard to believe. Ark has server xfer; toons and items. Ark has at least 7 seperate maps. The largest being Ragnarok 144 square kilometers, roughly 75 miles, for our metric users. CE map size is roughly, 40 square kilometers, or roughly 20 miles. Ark has holiday events, like every major Holiday. Evo events, featuring; double xp, taming, resourcing, mating, etc.

Older game, much more expansive, base game is on Xbox Game pass, or $20 to buy outright. CE is still $60 and Ark can actually be played.

Ark has had one messed up update since I started playing. It effected one map negatively, and Wildcard immediately took to Twitter and their own forums to actually apologize. They gave an eta for a fix, that was written over the weekend. The following tuesday seen the hotfix released. Wildcard extended their summer holiday event to make up for their mistake.

So yeah…Ark!

Infact, if any of you Exiled Xboxers decide to convert, I will personally help you get a start( 4hrs of my time ) on any server in the Legacy Cluster. I have Dinos that do everything.

Watch the developer stream. They said they would continue to update both maps.

Siptah will be 75% the size of the current map, it’s not just a zone like the swungle. The server capacity can’t handle nearly doubling map size

Wrong - the changes done to the both realms. For example new temperature stats system is for both el and isla -_-