So it's not an expansion its a new game!

And the file size!!!

It’s actually not that difficult of an implementation if you think about it. They’d need to add some menu options that allow you to export your existing character from the old map and import it into the new one. They could even make it to where you can bring over whatever is in your inventory. That would be great.

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No mater what any company does they lose players, they also gain players, its a dammed if they do and dammed if they dont

add new content “correctly” = lose players
add new content “incorrectly” = lose players
dont add new content = lose players

I have seen it every which way no mater what game company’s do there is ALWAYS that player that says “this will lose you players” or “this game is now dead” There is no satisfying everyone all the time …ever, best they can do is make a calculated risk and hope for the net gain.


Yo Code Mage, Im still going with NEW GAME EXPERIENCE.

Its not an expansion, or new game.

I just watch Firespark81s and Waks videos on temp control and healing.
This is all new and changed drastically compared to the old system.
In SWG while they did their NGE you could no longer be the player yo wanted to be, you had to fit into one of their pre made profession slots.
They changed the healing, it cost me millions of credits because I sold heals.

Changing a game drastically in no longer an expansion, but something new.

Are you seeing the parallel yet?

So core game balancing changes, something that’s been happening since early access release, is Siptah’s fault?

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It is a new game…

Everything is different. The map vibe is different, You start from 0.

If it was an expansion, you’d keep your stats and the new map would be an extention OR addition to the old map.


I already reverted my server to the old map, I aint playing this crap.

Next time, fix the current 100+ bugs before releasing a sucky dlc (new game)

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My bud is stuck in exiles and his called me up mad as a hornet over heals no longer work the way they used to.

I wonder how may player like him just play and pay no attention to the forums, you tube, or anything else outside of playing.

Now that I have played it… NGE, there is little that resemble exiles except the ugly toons.

You are bound to your previous wacky buildings you created over the previous years. I suggest you to cope with a fact that some day you will have to leave it behind, just like the exile either dies in these sands or takes off the bracer and moves on with their life…

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