So many changes are making more people not want to play this game

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [US East]

I know many people who are getting very upset with all the changes to Conan all the time. Just when you think you know something it is all thrown out the window. The game was fine and has gone downhill just before the Siptah release. I just saw that you are removing the Nemedian soon.

Some of the changes were for the better, but many of the changes are making the game no fun to play. Just when you have a ton of time and effort in some aspect of the game, you make it all for moot. You do that enough times and everyone will give up.

Getting rid of the Nemedian and other changes makes the game LESS fun to play. Maybe if you decide to have some of these changes for PvP, fine. But for PvE they let you be a casual player. Without the Nemedian rare items will get broken and you won’t want to use them. I also hate that you spend a lot of time on things that have random really low chances of occuring. We have spent a huge amount of time on Siptah to do a full 1000 chaos summons in a Leyshrine. We only got a couple of named thralls. Really? Also, we didn’t get to finish it before another storm started and prevented us from finishing the summons. And we knew to only start after a storm just ended. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Sorry if it sounds like sour grapes but it sort of is. When major players who spend huge amounts of time with the game who have youtube channels with 20,000 followers are giving up on Conan because of the changes, you have a real problem going on. My group of friends keep discussing quitting and giving up on it because they are so upset.

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Oh, and we didn’t get ANY named crafting thralls.

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