So many don't chat in global

And then one day some brazilian streamer/raiders came to our server.

The battle ensued

The server pop maxed out from the usual 11 or so.

We fought. Trash talk happened. The day after a sad win on their part the clan and others went around and found their bases and destroyed them and collected massive loot.

The day after that and the next many of the usual 11 were banned.

Perma ban.

Is this why few talk in global anymore?


Define “Trash Talk”? I turn voip off and ignore chat because people say things that would make a Sailor blush like it’s no big deal. Are you saying “Get wrecked son” or are you saying “Bleepity bleep bleep your mom bleep”?


If we’re talking about a certain part of this community? Insert the newest racial slurs people have come up with over the last two decades, and maybe mix in some of the ones from the last two centuries as well. All in the name of ‘good gameplay and sportsmanship.’

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Trash talk defined in this case would be the same language used between combatants during war for thousands of years.

Though this is just a game its still a aggression against another.

You might say its pvp but its still the same aggression so… Language is going to happen.

Perma bans are really not the answer when one side forces aggression on another and a little language happens.

That really implies that trolling is ok but defense is not. That makes it to easy to set players us to get banned.

In this case, brazillian streams/raiders showed up to a server with their audience watching, raided to wipe the server to pimp their own ego to the world got the wipe partially done. Left the server with no intension to come back AND got half the server perma banned.

That’s a great server wipe AND destroys the player base at the same time.

The rules are set up in such a fashion that it makes it to easy to entrap other players.

In the beginning the brazillians came to the server and used a reference to september 12th to work up the player base and half on the american server got banned.

Isn’t that a bitch?

But bigotry and hatred doesn’t have to. If your “language” happens to use racial, gender, or sexuality slurs, then no…we just don’t chalk it up to aggression or a 'boys will be boys ’ bs that many cultures continue to perpetuate with machismo personas. I don’t believe they are Perma banning if you call someone a “■■■■■■■■” or “noob” or “loser”…but you start throwing out n!$$&# or f@$$&! out there. Yeah…sorry, not sorry.

And please note…these servers are not public square so any attempt to say it’s a free speech issue isn’t valid. The company can get in real deep trouble if they let this type of thing go…in PR and in HR circumstances. While I am a strong supporter of free speech in the public square, this isn’t town square and I play on these servers because the owners can throw a certain type of person out that I don’t want to associate with


The words and banter I used with my platoonmates is something I would never bring to a video game.

I have also been able to get under an opponents skin in a video game on a mass scale (several hundred to thousand opponents in games like ArcheAge or Planetside 2) in order to make achieving an objective much easier. All without resorting to crude language or violating any form of Terms of Service or Code of Conduct.

Players who are unable to control themselves likely need to avoid playing online in general with others in a public sense.


War talk is war talk. Though not nice is war talk.

Your standards are yours.

This is conan.

Not trying to be offensive here but your bringing a socio/ political agenda into a game set in the conan universe. This is pre biblical era.

If conan canon means anything, this is a valid topic.

The bigger point I think is the tactic of the raider/streamer to psychologically troll a server that had not had any issues in a year until they showed up.

Again war talk happens and should be addressed on the battle field and not having the gods (the devs) step in to perma ban.

Because of words the game has people not returning to the game. This is counter productive. The population is already low.

Perma ban is not a reasonable punishment.

Ill find a good example of war talk in a movie AND it played out on the battlefield.

Sadly, this is so common on public servers for any game that I won’t ever play with strangers for any game. Sad consequence of being faceless on the internet.

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I was going to use the movie 300 as and example with a link but lol

Someone will be offended

Just let us fight it out in pvp

Couldn’t agree more, @erjoh
Insults are not free speech. They never were.
If they got banned for them, that’s how it should be.
No, pvp is not the same as war aggression. In war people die. Insults are not relevant.
Even if there’s conflict in pvp, there needs to be sportsmanship. You see it in many combat sports where people actually beat the crap of one another. After the bell rings, it’s hugs and lots of respect. The opposite is shunned. It happens on occasion, but it’s poor form.
There’s no excuse for such behavior in a game.
“Oh, but they started it!”- what are you? 12?
Grow up.

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Hardly not.

Your argument is weak and feeble.

It’s not an argument. There’s no discussion about this. If you can’t control your emotions and your speech, take a step back and play something else. There are no excuses for insults in a game.

Control emotion

Some of the banter back and forth is nothing but comical and many enjoy watching the drama unfold.

I have another example of the devs themselves not being able to live by the standards thay place on us.

Its really easy to get a perma ban from saying things.

Id post it but im afraid the dev might get fired.

Using the same term any of us might get perma banned for it.

Perma ban should be repealed.

Context, @The_Cannibal .
I can understand your frustration, but dude… this has to change. Society is going down the drain because people can’t mantain basic civility. Sure an argument can get heated, but there’s a line that can’t be crossed.
Anyway, I’m not talking about your case in particular. I’m talking generally.
You’re free to disagree with me, but you’ll never convince me I’m wrong.


A person’s character is completely in their control and is something they have to live with… and something the rest of us don’t have to put up with.


I will agree we must have a certan level of civility.

I want luvz for all.

Mostly it was the method that got half a server got banned


Perma ban is not the solution as much as death penalty is not a solution.

Perma ban is a “death penalty” of sorts.

We could talk about thin skinned as well but… Ive seen chat that set me back but never so bad to ask for perma ban.

Blocking a player from seeing a toxic person from chat is viable.

And Conan is owned by Funcom and therefore they are final arbitrators of what it allowed.

War talk is war talk but this is a game. If you don’t accept it in Chess (which is literally THE game of war) then why would you accept it in CE?

Let me tell you how I act when there’s trash talk from the adversary.
I defuse it. I make a light joke and show respect. It immediately changes the atmosphere and people have fun together while fighting. This happens a lot on FPS like CoD, Battlefield, etc.
Defuse it, don’t escalate.
If the method is within the rules, but it’s lame, make light hearted fun of it. They know what they’re doing.
Never get personal. Your gaming experience will radically improve.
If all fails, shut down coms and focus. Win or make them pay their victory dearly.
Get mad, lose focus and you’ll give them a double victory. Not only do they win the match, but they got you personally while at it. Is it really worth it? It is not.

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Trash talking, adversarial banter, war talk, I think it’s expected and encouraged.

But as those who have engaged with this post have described, there is a limit to what is acceptable.

Either way, to answer your question: some may feel compelled to not speak due to common knowledge of players having been suspended or banned for certain words or threats. Because that does happen (I’ve seen it, they deserved it). But I don’t think it is the most important reason players don’t engage in global chat.

Anonymity to a degree. You don’t talk and are sneaky, you can rig the info game and keep your opponents guessing.

Language. Not everyone speaks the most spoken language of where the server is housed. NA and EU especially have hundreds of main languages in the mix.

They’re busy. If I’m not in VC with my friends I’m multi-tasking, listening to music or watching a movie while I play.

Then there might be shyness or social issues there too.

This is important. No one forces another to screech serious obscenities such as racial slurs or death threats.

You’re avoiding saying what it was exactly. What did the in game message for the ban and Zendesk say was the reason?

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Yeah, you can take that excuse to 4chan, where it belongs :smiley:

If you can’t separate yourself from your in-game character and realize what rules apply to each, then you have bigger problems than a ban, but I suspect you know well enough why crossing certain lines is punished, you just want the freedom to cross them without consequences.

No, it really, really shouldn’t. And here’s why:

Administrative action is Funcom’s way of filtering out undesirable behavior on their servers. Perma-ban is their way of saying that they either tried and you didn’t correct it, or they don’t even think it’s worth their time to try.

Whichever the case, perma-ban means that you’ve proven to Funcom that you’re not the kind of player they want on their server, so they are taking away that privilege from you. You can still play the game, you just don’t have access to certain servers that they provide for free.