So my post got closed about a refund? Why?

Total bs that my question about a refund just got closed. Hasn’t even been open for 24 hours and people were having a discussion on the matter. That is really unfair that I can’t discuss this on the only forum for the game. And to get a boilerplate one sentence response from a moderator and then close the topic i made not even a day old is VERY insulting.

It is definitely showing me why i want a refund. Thank you for clearing this up for me. I really enjoyed this game and wanted to support it. I guess thats not happening anymore.

Thanks for that FUNCOM. Really took me for a ride on that one. Enjoy my money.

I mean your site says posts will be closed after 7 DAYS of the last comment/post. It hasn’t even been 24 hours. Are you guys really gonna censor a customers complaint? That doesn’t look very good on your guys’ end. You could have used that opportunity to fix the problem and i would have been VERY happy to support you guys and even promote your company. Given im not an “influencer” but you would have been making your customers, you know, the people that got you rich in the first place, happy.

Guess that doesn’t matter after you take the money though right?

It just really sucks because i really liked your game.



Hey @xxdsidexx

We can’t offer refunds, as that’s handled by the storefront where you purchased the game from. @SpecialSnowflake above has the link for you should you desire to proceed with it. Other storefronts might have different proceedings for this request.
The previous thread was closed due to offtopic conversations and subjects that fall under the Content Rule in our community guidelines. This one is closed as well as a direct circumvention of an action issued by a moderator.