So NA server transfer was a mess for me- total FUBAR

So I log into to see if the server worked. It transferred me over and auto killed me in the newbie starting spot. Then it it spawned me away from my body forcing me to run to where it was hoping to grab my stuff before it decayed. (Which I managed to)

All I can say after 5 months waiting to play again and reading how you were fixing bugs in the transfer and that it was being delayed, the transfer was still screwed up. This is complete and utter BS on funcom’s part.

After 5 months you should have got it right character’s should not auto die like this and be forced to run around retrieving stuff.

Major fail on funcom’s part and it reinforces why they cannot be believed when they come up with stuff that forces players to do things.

/disappointed again.


Having been around the block with new characters on servers I’ve had spawn death happen twice. Did you record it? It is because of this that I run a recording buffer to allow me to catch it and other bugz, I’m sure Funcom would be aided by it.

I’m sorry it happened to you, but if I may just try to be constructive, it will serve as a warning to other players to lower their expectations, or plan accordingly. It’s good you shared it.


Thanks for your input Barnes It’s good to hear from a level head. - really

Problem for me is this game is not worth it to me to dedicate space for recordings. That form of good will towards this game left the house like Elvis a couple of years back.

It’s kind of sad to see vets saying lower expectations. Conan has lost so much due to its credibility issues.

Also to wait 5 months for a forced transfer - really, really?


My toon on 6107 is completely gone after the transfer

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There have been quite a few reports on these forums saying essentially the same thing. I dunno anything about it myself but I find it strange that a plugin (mod) can do this without a hitch 5 to 10 times a day for each of 3 to 8 players between three maps (Siptah, EL, and Savage Winds) on a server-set I frequent, but when FC tries it their way with their guys there’s troubles being reported.

Its not doing the same thing. There’s a bit of shenanigans happening under the hood (which would likely cause a headache for integrity on servers with lesser moderation). To put it shortly, the characters exist on every connected database. They’re not being moved, only updated.


Well, you can think of it as being different but the result is nearly the same. And if FC deleted the character from the source server once the user was satisfied (after getting ALL of their stuff) then the result would be identical. FC could even put a time limit on it if they wanted and just close the server after X number of days. It would also be safer because the 1st thing that plugin does is back up the character to an off-site location (a web server).

Anyway I just find it interesting (and a bit sad) that a single person can get it working flawlessly and more advantageously than FC’s own team. It’s like, whuuuut??? They’ll likely delete this post for this but there are just so many data-points over the past year which seem to indicate wide ranging incompetence that it becomes quite alarming and a bit sad.

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Just so you know, the mod kills the character before travel. So if you all wanted to lose all your stuff with 0 chance of recovery anytime a merge happens. Then by all means. Not that the mod could potentially handle 100s of players at once. So it might just cause most people to just lose their character in the process.

IMO they should have not bothered with a merge at all. The servers were never really designed for it. They should have just deleted the servers they were dropping, give an apology to those who lost characters and give like a 3 day double exp bonus on existing servers.

People would have complained of course, but they would have gotten over it in under 2 weeks. Its always best to go with the simple option and just rip the bandaid off.

So yeah, I’ll agree that FC messed up by not going with a simple deletion. They need to stop trying to please everyone and just do what needs to be done in the end.

No, that’s not what the mod does.

  • Step 1: Copy all character elements and qualities to off site (web server).
    This includes all attributes, inventory, feats, cosmetics, and etc.

  • Step 2: Confirm and verify. Produce an error if verification fails (but it never does) and halt the process.

  • Step 3: Kill the character on the source server. (no grave site or loot bag is generated)

  • Step 4: Log out of the source server.

  • Step 5: Log in to the destination server.

  • Step 6: Check if the character exists on the destination server.
    If not then user creates character and upon finalizing goes to Step 7.

  • Step 7: Kill the character on the destination server. (no grave site or loot bag is generated)

  • Step 8: Apply all character elements to Character on the destination server.
    This includes all attributes, inventory, feats, cosmetics, and etc.

This process maintains a complete copy of all aspects of the character off-site for 100% recovery in the event something goes wrong. The number of players which can go through this process at once is dependent only on the bandwidth limitations of the “web server” so I suspect about 10k to 100 thousand at once would be fine.

Yes, we know what your opinion is: Kill all official servers! :stuck_out_tongue:
You have made that abundantly clear over and over for months now. :wink:

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My bad it kills you twice, applying any sort of loss or penalty twice. Guess we’re gonna call what happened to the OP a feature at this rate.

Zero penalty, zero loss. What’s up with you today? So negative. Some one who uses it 10 or 20 times a day on a busy server cluster with 8 or 10 others all using it multiple times a day is telling you something. You who have never used it wants to argue? Huh, that doesn’t make sense now does it!?!

You want to know why I speak on such matters? Because I choose to. It is the only reason I need. That is just a fact of life.

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