So , no more fixes until the pet system is deployed?

it looks to me there will be no more FIXES, as testlive is busy with their (screw up) pet system.

meaning no testing will be done, and of course no more fixes, until they release it and add tons of more bugs…

lets see. (some of this items has been there since launch…, and they simply refuses to provide proper fixes…

below is mostly purges and thralls, and AI bugs and issues that WILL NOT GET FIXED for now in the live branch as they are busy with the feeding fiasco over testlive… so…

  • Purges not working as intended …
  • purges crafter thralls are a myth in official servers (they NEVER spawn, so no legendary repair kits… or the black and white dyes…
  • purges try to hit long gone players (IE trying to purge clans that are no longer in the game…)
  • purges with naked human thralls.
  • 100HP thrall bug upon restart.
  • WONKY AI , thralls defends if player gets hit. but they are still quite dumb (including NPCs)
  • thralls runing backwards.
  • thralls not using shields.
  • NPCs aggroing but running away and sometimes clipping with world geometry…

thank you and have a nice week.



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Yeah, those are still broken in Testlive too…

I had hoped that the large number of players asking for actual fixes would have been heard, but instead we got told “That’s not how a video game developer works” from Jens.

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fix’s? what have they fixed? the rendering still dont work, the lag is just as bad and all the old bugs are still there


Apparently there is this conclusion internally that eliminating thralls will reduce lag. On Solo play, I find that most of the lag comes from the amount of building pieces in the area over anything else… By a long shot.

Streamlining the way data is sent to the server from the building blocks would seem a more appropriate way of dealing with the issue, in my opinion. Taking care of thralls in the sky is easily remedied then, by putting them on the buildings decay timer.


That’s interesting. First off, never EVER played in official servers, always private and of course modded (as to reduce bugs). All servers I play have a Basic building rule: NO Foundations when building, one or two allowed to start with maybe, but then all built with pillars and cieling tiles as floor. And you know what, in my experience, it makes the building loading on approaching them way smoother and the game doesn’t seem to stall so much. My advice to private server admins is to enforce this rule. Works wonders!

PD: sorry about beeing off-topic the title ,but thought I has to share that tip.


That is very interesting to hear, and I might have to play with that. The only thing that would worry me in that regard would be stability for roofs on walls above columns. I try to limit columns in my builds and make the ones I need decorative and evenly spaced. It surprises me that foundations would cause more lag than other building pieces, but it may be the stability reading being sent out, along with the skin, hp, owner and decay time. 5 parameters being sent to the system, per block, of everything within rendering sight.

The AI in this game is just as simple as every other I’ve ever played. They have certain preset functions and do not do anything reactive (other than passive mobs running away when hit). The thralls are so dumb that they forget to react when an alligator walks past them half the time. Other times, they are all over that scorpion. Fixing this system up is a year overdue.

Some players are still having issues with wells refilling after a server restart. Support beams are purely cosmetic. Still getting stuck in a rhino’s hitbox. Double spawns vary locations from server to server, and more issues not even listed in Issues Status - PC

“That’s not how a video game developer works. We have people with specialized skillsets in different teams, meaning that some people work on new content and others fix bugs. Half the company can’t stop what they’re doing and wait for the game to be “fixed enough” to go back to work.”

Having a hard time seeing how this mindset does not invite disaster the bigger the bug deficit grows.

The game does not feel like it was fixed enough to go live when it did in my view.


i will appreciate … we avoid insulting , as i want to keep my thread opened.

striking the silence i have witness from funcom in the forums… have you guys noticed?

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Yes, that statement is disconcerting and has the appearance of them not caring about bugs at all. We (the consumer) mostly ask for the base product to be fixed right before adding in more options and add-ons. I would gladly wait months for new content if they put all capable hands on deck to fixing the core systems and straightening the game code out first.


I could hug you for this. Quoted for truth and visibility. I thought I was the only one who did this these days: one of my pals chided a build on an Official that had no lower floor. lol

I would like very much to promote this. In the administering of my own private servers I’m going to say your position conforms with my available information.


There is the possibility that Thralls can’t be added to the decay timer due to them not being static objects, but that’s pure speculation. The idea that they have to be fed because pets have to be fed is very likely though, due to them sharing the same core systems.

well they will be runnning timers for food… so , when timer goes down , they die, same as decay…

being said that, them they SHOULD ALLOW us players to pick up the deployed thralls . so we can plan ahead… .and dont loose them to a faulty mechanic, that seems poorly implemented.

i would likke to know if WE ARE Getting fixes or not while the testlive is being busy with the disaster they just implemented.


Correct. So long as they make it so food lasts a week and we can use gruel, there shouldn’t be much issue with implementing this system.

It has been a long time since we had the option to pick them up, but hopefully that bit of code is still in there somewhere and can be rolled out before update. I seriously doubt they roll any ‘fixes’ out to Live before the new stuff goes as well. :sweat:

well again they poop where they eat…

a proper pipeline for this. should be :

  1. develop patch -> 2. internal testing pass -> 3. beta testing pass (NDA signed) -> . 4. test live pass -> 5. go to live branch…

if something goes bad in one pass and if it deemed important… they need to be sent back to step 1. if its a minor it can be sent to the “needs to be fixed” list after release.

Clearly , funcom does #1. they likely dont do #2, they dont do #3, they go #4. their team does NOT looks like to have any form of internal validation and apparently they use testlive as a validation process. (cheaper as its free) . then rush to live. --> people get angry…

and now that testlive is busy with this, they wont be any fixes… it looks to me they will rush the pet thing , then deal with whatever bugs they can fix, and set aside the ones that they cant fix. the list of things broken when game was launched is not a short one. the list of things that got broken after the patches is even larger…

so i am worried. :frowning:


They refer back to step 2 quite often, so I wouldn’t sell them short there. But yeah… step 3 doesn’t seem to be a thing…

Unfortunately, unless something goes direly wrong in testlive, it ends up in Live anyway. Like how religious tools didn’t work during the whole of combat testlive and wasn’t fixed till after it went Live. I expect something like that to occur again.

There certainly needs to be more precedence and urgency for constant small bug fixes over massive updates riddled with bugs, and bringing back old bugs. I’m not certain they do it, but each time they implement new content, they should have to build it from the ground starting with the code from the most recent Live build to prevent old bugs returning.

It is a real bummer because I paid $50 for this game and I really loved it. It was much less buggy for me the day it launched on ps4 than it’s ever been lately. I refused to buy DLC till bugs are fixed. Now it feels like the bugs really won’t ever be fixed and newer games will come out and distract me. I really enjoyed the building aspect of the game but my whole clan quit when Funcom went on vacation. I hope this game gets ironed out so I can come back.

i respectfully disagree Enyo.

most of the reported bugs are totally evident. they only needed to play the game a bit, to figure it out somethings were wrong… i honestly believe the #2 is not there, and if its there, they really need to improve it. or have someone with testing experience to teach them how to test.

some bugs are hard to find / reproduce. but how come they did not saw all thralls / animals getting killed after a simple relog, or the food decay times,. or the different types of food to different thralls … i mean… with all that , you still believe they tested it before pushing it to testlive?

I only said they have it, because they reference internal testing at least 3 times per Dev Stream, lol. What i quoted from you should definitely been noticed and fixed before even thinking about putting it on Testlive.

We can’t do extensive testing on thralls or pets currently in Testlive, since they vanish every time we log out. I’m pretty sure the offhand combat is not working with a shield for me either. The new dungeon is cool, but after the first kill, the bosses stop respawning. The baby animals do not respawn after being taken the first time.

The only thing that IS working right in the new build would have to be the arrows, but there again the tar arrows don’t mix with fire…

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Don’t get your hopes up, this game is going down as funcom continues to screw up and refuses to fix their own bugs; instead they want to push some stupid system on players that brings zero value, calling it “added functionality” LOL

Sounds like alternative functionality to me.