So offline proaction is live next patch?

So this for official or just a setting for private servers ?
If this add to official damn must be best pvp patch

Made it possible to use both Time-Restrict PVP Building Damage and Dynamic Building Damage settings at the same time.
With both settings enabled, you can only be raided whilst you’re online during the raid window"
Your base will be safe from raiders even inside the raid window if you’re not been online recently


From what I’ve heard offical servers will stay in the same dismal state that they have been in for years.


Why would anyone want a server set up this way? A raid window should mean what it says. When used in conjunction with DBD the raid window should take priority, not the other way around. If you want to ensure online raids simply use DBD without the raid window.


we just need 2 types of PVP servers
1 - raid 24\7
2 - dbd - you can raid only online bases (clan) within 1 hour window after logging out.
In last case decay timer need some adjustment, more punishing for to long offline bases (to prevent multi acc bases cheating).


I’m not to sure how popular 24/7 raid would be but I guarantee dbd would be widely excepted

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I am for 24/7 raid but … with settings that you can not farm materials for 500 bombs in 2 hours (after process one day in a stone base to get 500 DP) and wipe any base in less than 2 hours.

So adjust farming, thralls hp, buildings hp, etc …

And this will be fun :slight_smile:

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