So, Please Tell Me There's A Plot

OK folks,
Just bought the game on Steam. I’ve put about 6 or so hours into it. Cleaned up some early mistakes, finally got myself my sandstone hut etc.
I’m well aware the game is in early access and all, but I have a couple of very important questions.
a] In looking at a couple videos on youtube, it appeared that there would be a plot or single player campaign to go along with all the ‘kill and build’. Thus far, I’m not seeing any sense of that other than the talking stone at the very beginning. Am I missing something? Will there be a single player campaign for this?

b] So, I’m finding that I’m actually having an ethical issue with the whole slavery thing. Is there a way to play the game without thralls?

THX all.

There is a main plot that is not yet fully implemented, but will be at launch. Granted, this is much less involved than a fully single player game. It is a sandbox after all.

There are also little side stories to find if you look, but those are more for flavor of the world than significant gameplay.

You can play without thralls, though it will slow down production and limit you from the best of the best armor.

Tinkley is right, there isn’t a whole lot of campaign, and the end game goal is to be able to leave the sandbox (and end your game)

In the meantime however, there is a lot to do.

In a PvP server, the idea is that you’ll dominate the map, become King of the Exiles Land.
In PvE, my goal is to just try and unlock and craft all that I can whilst gearing up enough to leave the map.

I know the way I have just described it doesnt sound fantastic, but I promise, I’m nearly 700 hrs in and still haven’t visited all the places, dungeons or bosses. In PvE, its great to do a bit of roll-play, meet other players, and just chill out whilst playing.

Slaves are good, you do need them. In PvP they will help defend your base from other players and in both PvE and PvP they will help defend against the Purge. Not to mention the additional speed they give to your crafting stations. We all know you wouldn’t enslave people in RL :slight_smile:

If you have an issue with slaves, you should try The Long Dark, that’s worse. In that game you have to catch a small bunny, then it’s presented to you in full screen whilst you have to choose to let it go, or snap its neck to kill it, that always makes me sad :frowning:

Lol but killing a person and animals and not to mention those poor baby scales is ok to you. :slight_smile:

This game has a plot exactly the same as in minecraft. :smiley:

But it has a richer universe. Welcome to the age of the sandbox games my son :smiley:

Also if you have an “ethical problem” with slavery why were you bought the game in the first place?
just think of them thralls as your honest, and loyal workers. you gave em food and tools and armor so it was nice and clean exchange. their work for your care. Don’t mind that you had to persuade them in the job interview with a truncheon :smiley:

To be honest it was a very civilized act. you should have chop their head off instead of this and therefore you could have end their miseries… how nice of you that you let them alive and well. :smiley:

There is a little bit of a story that you can hunt out but nothing major, it’s a sandbox game.

The “slavery” argument makes me laugh every time I see it. How can you be triggered by that when you’re killing people, chopping them up into portions and using their skin and guts to make stuff?

If killing people is ok with you then you’ll be ok with bashing people on the noggin to force them to work for you…

Actually, the plot is quite decent and it involves alot of conan the barbarian lore.
There’s just no real questline or anything, you have to find clues and notes, listen to the voices and find the loot (witch is not yet implemented)
I’m not sure the endgame is to leave the exiled land in a fashion that you end the actual game, this might be the case but that would just be silly imo.
it should lead to another land you coulndn’t visit without removing the bracelet imo.