So sad-horrible client

Conan exiles has been out and playable for several years. I mean seriously, it was in early access in 2017, and I have played and ran a server from day one. Sure, I take breaks, but I always come back. However, not anymore!

Loading into game takes an upwards of 5 minutes. Nothing is optimized, this is what you get when funcom has years of development to make a smooth running game. Did you hire another company to develop the secret world, because that game was great until you neutered it?

As an unreal developer, I do know that the Unreal Engine is a pain. However with proper knowledge the player should never sit on the server screen frozen for three minutes before they can interact. The client can’t even connect directly to my dedicated server running in the same machine. To try this feat it is going to be a good five to eight minute wait for it to tell me that I lost connection. However, the server never noticed I was trying to connect in the first place. I have to connect through the internet, after the wait that at least works fine.

Seriously, my machines doesn’t suck, and I have a very solid internet connection. I have been sticking with this game so long through the ups and downs, but I just can’t take your development mediocrity any longer.

You keep putting out updates, but never update the innate problems in the client.

Since you’re referring to your private server, one thing worth asking is, how heavily modded is the server? The game, vanilla, seems to load up pretty quickly these days. Definitely not long enough to go take a leak or grab a cup of coffee while waiting.

This is not true for me at all. I dont even get past the second logo (goes by so fast when I click thru it I can’t even remember what it is) and connecting to my server takes like 20 seconds tops. If its really 5 min for you, it must be mods or a mechanical hard drive.

I don’t see it…

At least that certainly feels less than 5 minutes for me…

These statements seem somewhat conflicting to me. Like all 3

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If I use my ps4 controller to turn on my TV through the HDMI cable’s turn the bloody volume down from last night. Select character wait on Funcom connect pick pve-c hit favorites a couple times. 8:30 on my watch when I started 8:32 and I am on our private gportal server that is on a ps4 purchased before launch 1tb
My wife’s unit was bought when the game came out it generally takes her a bit longer probably do to cable routings. I don’t know jack about pc other than paying bills but I agree OP must have issue beyond game itself. @Xevyr


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