So thanks for the double resources this week

Thank you funcom.

Not being ungrateful for this double resource period, can we get it once a month?

Or fast server setting on PVE servers?


I believe it would be really nice to have it ,on random days in the month , so players would check every day .


In these troubling times of isolation I want to personally thank FC for giving us something to occupy our time and anxious minds. I have been very anxious and stressed.

Logging in and building with the x2 resource drop has been a great way to get my mind off of what’s going on outside my doors.

I really appreciate this. I think many people need solace or an escape.

Thanks for giving me an outlet that is both social and creative.


Never uninstall Conan, I’ve learned it the hard way: when you want to try new stuff you have to re.install it, and it’s becoming damn heavy ^^

(somehow I will always return to the exile lands)

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Wish more people would stay inside. Im considered “essential personal” ive even got a fancy pants letter saying to let me go about my buisness incase of a full blown quarentine. Its amazing how many college and high school kids im seeing today checking out my appliances … im sure they’re here to buy a fridge it cant be cause they’re bored and stir crazy.

Tl dr.
I cant sit on my couch and play video games since i gotta go to work. If you dont have to go to work stay home man …

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Neither do I am playing CE @Halk and yes, I totally agree with you (imagine that I do not bought any DLC but I’m forced to have 'em as useless weight on my PS4).
But I suppose that sooner or later I’ll be back with a new character, I’m just waiting to “forget” as much as I can about the game and restart it “kinda” new.

I’m a singleplayer offline in every aspect of my videogamer’s life, and meanwhile the industry of videogames is running in the arms of the G.A.S. (I hate that) I do not buy anything until it is Game of the year edition.
very rare case I supported DLC expansion (Witcher 3 and maybe I’ll do for Control).
But I’m a weird guy, I even do not have a cellphone and I hate all kind of products that want a subscription from me.
I buy only what I want and I do not wanna to “depend” on monthly or yearly or anything else plans.
Maybe I’m a true “barbarian” in this current world ^^

I think the idea is great for PVE…but PVP, well lets just say my clan now will pretty much killed a server, because we will be building massive walls around all our main bases. We are building massively to pass the time after we just won a war (if you can call it that, 2 days :/), and well good luck without using exploits getting into anything while we are online repairing as you damage.

One 20 minute farm run on official PVP…40,000 iron, 30,000 Stone, 20,000 wood, 2.000 resin. Times 3 at the same time across the map. And we have purge black smith.
20,000 brimstone runs. All with oils.

And 2000 black blood, 11000 poison mushrooms,. Converted to 11,0000 poison arrows, 10000 firespark arrows by another clan mate.

And we weren’t really power farming.

Next week it should be x4 XP for PvE :smiley: And x6/x8 for PvP.

Because did Funcom really think, that Corona isoluation will be finished at 27. March? :smiley:

Maybe one day my clan will have the honor to fight your clan. Having the same issue, wars only last a day, server are only fun for 3 days been going around killing the so called alpha on official servers for months now. And yeah the 2x harvest is crazy yesterday only I craftedt 1200 Dragon powder by myself. Little much if you ask me

Hmm, so if additional mats aren’t needed yet people need a time-sink to stay healthy at home, perhaps the answer is to let PvPers experience the wonder of the 1x XP rates that PvE folks are accustomed to. It might help to avoid folks [un]intentionally killing off servers and thereby driving more casual players offline and back outside. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was x1 for PvP. From Sunday until Monday or Tuesday… There were plenty of threads here and on Reddit…

Even WMHB thought sth was off :smiley: Well, PvE XP rates… That was it.
This thread was not made out of boredom: Change the XP modifier for PvE official servers to be the same as PvP

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Nahh leave it the way it is so I get more when I’ll raid people at the end of it hihihi.

Maybe they could halve the purge meter threshold and update interval. That would give us all a distraction and a reason to sink more time into the game and stay inside.
Because many hours a day of harvesting, building and murdering for a cm of purge meter aint cutting it for me.

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Yeah, more purges would probably be fun, and it would help folks have a reason to use up those mats.

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