So they want to release this "patch" in two days

As cheap as trebs are to make, there will be more than enough people lobbing stones at their bases daily. The only thing that deterred me was the fact they were so easy to destroy, and had to repair after 8-9 shots. now its build 2 in the non render distance. One for mass producing the stones, the other for rapid firing. IF they get destroyed, then i can log off and go to another server. While the alpha has to repair.

Thanks for keeping the forums posted.
So to be clear for everyone i am understanding the following:

  1. on the question of hidden thralls, Funcom is saying the culling will not be active day one of patch. Which means they are trying to help with that, and also the thrall counter before they start the culling. That sounds like an answer, and a fair one at that. Update release with new thrall leveling active, auto delete not active. Not hard to comprehend when you breath :slight_smile:
  2. For the other issue of legacy purge thralls not being useful and no way to convert them, that sucks, but again not all answers will be utopia.

I already mentioned this somewhere else, but there is already a thrall counter in game: the infamous thrall pot. It lists every thrall in its vicinity.

Funcom should be able to adapt it into a sort of table to choose who you want to free of their obligations thowards your clan.

Please be aware that Funcom really doesn’t make this apparent. Largely criticism of this patch has been met with silence.

Questions about the effects on players and how they interact with the game have either been largely ignored, or if not, there is no evidence to show otherwise.

Largely players are feeling dejected and betrayed by a company and game they have invested in and then are reinforced in that belief because the response is that of silence.

Or is the silence just simply because Funcom doesn’t have a reasonable explanation for why they encouraged and pushed the ‘building’ style of play to only turn around and cripple it with a extremely low thrall limit in trade for 2 mediocre additions that are largely ‘side features’ at best.

As been stated in multiple threads since the very first time the request was made, mounts are un-needed, the world is too small, and while a perfectly fine addition (albeit, pointless) should not come at the cost of a extremely low thrall limit.

And even worse, a thrall perk and leveling system that is so shallow that it completely misses the mark and is only really useful and interesting for a single follower at best. In reality, its a burdensome system the PvP players will be constantly fighting as they lose thralls and are on a rotation, and PvE players simply don’t need them for any reason save that 1 single follower.

Why arn’t there any responses to these glaring faults to these unneeded systems, that are going to end many veteran player’s enjoyment in the game and push them away? Not only does it not look like Funcom doesn’t listen, it also looks like they don’t have vested interest in their full player base.

Funcom is alienating many players with this patch and there has been no word. All we have is silence and the gut feeling that we were mistaken in thinking this game was designed with us in mind (despite the two years that have already passed).


I suggested adding a counter there as soon as the idea of limit came around…

But killing thralls you dont know or undermesh, would still be problem… You would have to add pots everywhere.

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The bolded part (vicinity) is where the problem lies. If I have a base at New Asagarth, and a former clanmate had a secret base in the Jungle, the current thrall pot won’t reveal them to me.

Of course, since work would already be required to make a thrall pot have a remote kill command, perhaps it could also be upgraded to cover the entire map (though I suspect there may be performance ramifications to consider)…

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The feeding system Server Setting has a range slider now for (generically) feed pots. If slid to full, its diameter (if round) appears to cover 6-10 contiguous map-grid squares. I’ll nail this down later unless you know it already. :slight_smile:


I don’t admin a server presently, so I wasn’t aware of this addition. That’s good to know though, perhaps along with the ability to name thralls it might hint that they’re working on some of the remote dismissal options we’ve all been tossing around. :crossed_fingers:

Well I would suggest to adjust thrall setup rather than nerf everything that’s fun into oblivion. Huge damage outputs are ok, if Thralls have lower HP on the other hand.

I suggest to keep damage tables untouched for now and reduce Thralls, mounts and pet HP to player HP dimensions.

Let’s not beat around the bush though: The real issue with Thralls is AI and slow actions that prevent them from posing a threat to human players.

Believe me, I understand. And sometimes the best thing is to stay silent when there’s nothing substantial to say, which is why we often get what seems like silent treatment. Then again, there are times when even a vague, noncommittal response like “yep, we read this, we’ll tell the devs” is much appreciated, because it’s more reassuring than a continued silence :slight_smile:

So thank you for taking the time to respond and to let us know. And also, I didn’t originally realize that you said that the follower counter is already being worked on, so I apologize for being a bit more dramatic than the situation might warrant :wink:


Hello , i see all talk about thrall and mount , not many people say about combat , nerf strengh , movmement speed , i just delete testlive because after play about 3 day for test new changes , mostly this about combat well i was just angry very angry about movement speed . Is not only how you speed upp , you must now watch for evrythink even litlle stone rock ,any obstacle on your wehy slow you down .
This is very bad when you fight with world bosses , it is hard now before this update for solo kil without any thrall and after this changes to movement its like 2 or 3 times harder . You can kill it but with much anger instead of satisfaction .

And now ad to this nerf 20% for strengh , bad hitboxes wich on some bosses like Giant Crocodile and Rihno to this day are not fixed , 1.5 year later. And they say , yes we listen comunity.

2h Sword i say this again like on other post, have less stager then 1h weapen. Maybe its only me case i dont know , but i just love play with 2h weapen especially swords , Maybe its natural for those weapen i dont know.
First they change combo i sey ok they give this nice overhead atack wich is cool and now they just nerf this like many other things , Anihilator for example was very nice and now is just trush. But ther is sword wich hase more then 90dmg 1h sword ofcourse you can youse his light atack , heavy not still usable . Sword of Crom only trinket .

I will probably stay away from this game for some time even if i love playing Conan , personaly i think they too much nerf staff instead of fix it.

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That is the very reason Thralls have high hp and high dmg output, the A.I, the main problem. Once we have proper A.I, dmg and hp wouldnt be a problem anymore if player based.


that’s how they work, nerf nerf nerf.

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Not everyone is angry or dissatisfied with new patch and changes. Me and others like all changes and even bought complete edition now as a way to encourage Funcom to keep improving the game.

On the old thralls if their stats from testlive are what they will be, you better off without all of then, they don’t compare with leveled thralls.


I’ve bought all the DLC months ago and recently extra accounts to get the cap up to 100. I’m not thrilled about how this all went from being announced to implementation under a month for a change of this magnitude. We still don’t have a fix for thralls under the map that we can’t interact with to break bonds with so those are effectively thrall slots you lose because of existing bugs. I can live with a cap, but I’m keeping certain thralls because it’s not all about stats. I’ll support the game but I don’t agree with all the changes. I would have preferred they fixed bugs than introduce mounts. If thrall caps were part of the solution to fix bugs, so be it. As a side note, people I used to play with stopped playing because of the bugs, so I have an empty clan of what could be active players if they focused on fixing core functions of the game rather than adding more complexity and mounts and shiny things that will only make things harder to fix in the long run.

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I love it, I came back 30 days ago after I stopped playing in November 2018, I bought the DLC from Derketo and Blood and Sand, and now I am going to buy the new one on December 5th, I found all the changes interesting.

I wanted to expand the map for next year,

Witchcraft, Vampire DLC, Werewolves, etc.

Of course also bug fixing, optimization, etc.

Conan Exiles uses Unreal Engine 4, this engine is amazing I love it.

Hi Tashcha, and what about the servers that are under ddos attack ? how will work exactly the thralls grace period on servers where we cannot access ?

IE server offi

i am so glad to hear this kind of message , instead of feeling abandoned. thank you @Tascha do hope devs listen. no offence intended but it does not feel they are. but thanks for bringing word to them.

exactly my feelings Frog

You do know that “Please rest assured that we DO bring your concerns and feedback up.” can also mean “someone mention it in our daily scrum meeting and then it will be never mentioned again”.

Seeing the patch with all its bug out in live… :smiley: But I will still tame my damn horse tonight! :smiley:


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