So this game is dead, isn't it

All we get are events.
Has anyone heard of any new expansions for 2021, or is the game simply dead?

Also, why is the 12 month patron thing still on there if its not even possible to get?


Hey, it‘s just three years since the release of South Africa. Don‘t make them rush Congo! We wouldn‘t want to miss its magnicifent lushness, right? Right!


Welcome to the community, always good to start with a “this game is dead” post :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s definitely not seeing too much recently in the way of active development, true, but I wouldn’t be kicking it into the grave just yet :slight_smile: The community still has a buzz (positive or otherwise) and people play it.

No, definitely not :smiley:


I would like to know that status of this game as well. Is development dead?

Nah, it just smells that way.
If there are any plans for new content to be added to the game anytime in the near future, then those plans are being kept very secret.

A little more secret than many players would like, though I suppose it’s in the name of the game.

Maybe they had an amazing idea for a Filth-related Fusang Flu, and then Tencent came along, followed by Covid, and the idea flopped? :stuck_out_tongue: