So this is it DLC before basic bugs and missing content fix?

Cant say I am entirely happy with your procedure and lack of judgement here.

DLC is something that could easily be held back until you have added rudimentary things like a chat window, Inventory search box, motion blur fix, working admin controls, etc, etc.

Lame is what I think of you right now Funcom.

@Jens_Erik Don’t be surprised if the console versions doesn’t have an immediate pick up on the DLC pack. Most private servers I have seen and been on let the subscription laps because the game on console is quite frankly no where near finished.

Getting very tired of seeing unfinished game publish with DLC.


totally understand your frustration, but sadly this type of behavior is not going to change because, why change when people keep buying everything without even thinking or doing research into games.

oh yes cry about dlc in unfinished games all day and on every forum… buys the game/dlc end of the day anyways. (this is as general statement and not towards you)

if players (people) would less buy what they actually hate, things may change… but now why would devs not do this type of poop, people buy it anyways.

personally i don’t mind dlc, if its good i’ll buy and if not i don’t.


They’re 2 different departments, coders and the art team. So many similar posts about this with Dev responses.
Why would A cosmetic DLC be held back because it takes longer to recode strings and test it so its not over riding something else then it is for an artist already working on something. Should the one separate department twiddle thier thumbs for days?
There’s a patch coming to ps4 with 500 fixes/tweaks that PC is getting today.


At least Funcom didn’t pull a Wildcard and released buyable DLC’s during EA x)

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Like others said, two different departments. DLC is almost exclusively 3D artist since it’s cosmetic items. The DLC will help generate additional revenue to fund continued updates and bug fixes. I am all for it…anything that keeps the light on is good for the game as long as continued progress is maintained on improving/fixing the game


For PC, we received a patch today before DLC.

As for consoles, also remember some aspect of patching is outside Funcom’s control. They can submit patches to the Xbox amd sony teams, but those teams verify the patches before release. Who knkws how those work and how resources are spread there.

That’s yet to be seen. The khitan items are showing up in my feats tab, so I believe the DLC is actually included in this patch. I’m waiting until 11am MST when steam does it’s daily reset to see if it shows up.

The DLC is not available and will go live on all plattforms simultaniously. You can already see the items in the menu in preparation of that.


I was hoping that Funcom has an endorsement deal with G Portal… you know… like Funcom doesn’t have to pay gPortal for their servers, in return Funcom places a link to GPortal in their server list as an endorsement, so people would prefer G Portal over Nitrado.

It’s a bit worrying that a non-subscription game is running official servers. It means that when Fallout 76 comes out, I think both ARK and Conan Exiles are gonna be hard pressed not to “re-purpose” a few servers.

I do wonder just how long a life-cycle these official survival game servers have…

So don’t expect it today?? Good to know. lol I was just showing my wife the armors in there, maybe I can finally get her to stop wearing that damned Darfari Speaker’s Mask. lol

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Wither they are 2 different department or not what you see is a product that is unfinished getting a new paint job. It’s still an unfinished product but looks pretty.

Priorities are what is needed no one want’s to buy a broken car that looks good if they have no idea what to do to fix it do they?

Yes one department can sit there twiddling their thumbs for a while it’s down to Funcom to manage this crap and get their priorities correct.

P.S. Adding new stuff like skins to existing blocks and introducing them as a new element has caused problems in the past and will cause problems in the future. Your deluding yourself if you think they don’t.

A game, especially RPG & Survival, are never finished. Artists make the content that ALLOWS game designers to put it into action. Coders are the parallel branch that tie into BOTH Artists and Game Designers. That is HOW it works. Let us see what happens with the major patch. Looking forward to playing more again.

Every company tries a business model. And every consumer tries in consequence. Personaly, I’m not going to purchase any DLC on this game till missing content has been implemented. It’s a matter of mutual trust. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

For you maybe, not for me.

I have not seen any major gamebreaking bugs, and i play a lot.

I am happy that Funcom both patch and fix unstabilities as well as bringing out new content, great job!

Also, there will come a major content/fix patch wich are free, content have been talked about some time like pets etc, i think Funcom act honorable and have made a great gam, in wich i enjoy a lot.

As for the DLC, looking forward to it and will buy asap.


I have been playing since initial early access. Considering the shear amount of changes this game has gone through from EA through live and whats still being added for free. I have no problem playing 9.99 for new wicked artwork. The pricing is perfect.

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More construction/building options is always a plus. I’ll be buying this.

I completely disagree with the op. Please release the DLC asap. I play on official PVP servers and have over 3k hours in game. Most of us understand that funcom can still work on bug fixes and adding new content at the same time they develop and release the DLC for eager customers .

My wallet is ready, please release the DLC this week!

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Yeah I thought we are getting the 5000000+ fixes and changes. Like Here Spend $10 while we hold the big patch hostage. >> 600+ hours in this game on xbox and they are like meh. You can have stat exploiters for another week >>

Why hold back a cosmetic DLC until bugs are fixed? I am pretty sure there are entirely different people working on Khitan building parts, armour and weapon than those working on bugs. Perhaps that would be different if models and optics were a mess in the game, but those are fine.
There was once a complaint post in the Elder Scrolls Online forums where somebody complained about a sound bug being fixed before some other bug, and the community manager just posted a picture of the sound tech guy, who was a trucker like guy with a guitar in front of sound tech equipment, and asked if that poster would like that guy to fix code that doesn’t have anything to do with his job… The answer is “NO”! Nobody would want that. :smiley:

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