So Thralls and Pets are worthless with "Another Player" update?

Well, since the “Another Player” did “X” to you update, all the attacks on my base have been while I was Offline. So I left guards in a maze in my base. 10 Sabertooths, 2 Greater Tigers, 2 Rhinos, 3 Black panthers, 12 named fighter thralls with sandstorm masks and flawless heavy armor, all situated so an invader would face them all pretty much at once. Nothing, did not guard one damn thing, all dead, all killed by “Another Player”. In a T-3 base, but that is like saying a base made from tin foil in Conan Exiles.

So I am not dealing with this garbage thrall thing anymore. Conan Exiles just makes it super simple to destroy a base (now with total anonimity) and gives players no defense if offline. I am moving on to something else that is more fun for time invested. I’ll keep my character, but Exiles is a waste of time. It’s all in favor of the raider by a ridiculous margin and now you don’t even know who they are.


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