So we get a new map - a new island - and rhino mounts :)

i am not m,aking fun of you because i dont like your opinion about something, i am sure the devs can defend themselves, i have complaints, i am not making fun of you , if i am not disrespecting you why should you disrespect me?

dumbest decision making is ok, its my opinion, or cant i say what i think ? i totally dislike the game director decisions, and i am entiled to say so, the beer and hotdogs part is totally inappropriate, for sure, and for that i apologize, i should not go personal against anyone.

they can defend themseves dont you think?

i disagree, in practice, its something added to the game itself, and understanding that this “expansion” cant be used in your game, or you cant have access to the content of the other one, is just a new game within the game in generalk, but not an expansion to the base game itself. (thats my take)

making fun of other is not toxic? i did flagged yours with the memes, but its fine, the rules only apply to some and not to all, it feels weird that tolerance is larger for some and much smaller for others. hypocrisy? it certainly looks like it.

Neither am I. It’s not about disliking your opinion. It’s about disliking your way of communicating it. It’s about how you shout, how you demand that people be fired because you didn’t like something, how you insult people because you didn’t like someething, and how you on top of all of that come around to demand respect for yourself. That is what I’m making fun of.

No. They actually can’t. Every company I’ve ever worked for has strict rules about how to deal with that stuff. Typically it boils down to letting the mods and the community deal with it, and occasionally posting a mild, generic comment, like the one Ignasis often posts – “please remember to keep it civil”.

But whether they can defend themselves or not is not the point. If I saw you in a grocery shop, screaming at the checkout attendant, I would not be okay with that, regardless of whether the attendant is a dude built like Dwayne Johnson or a little old lady. It ain’t cool.


i can br4ing examples of post that are not insulting and are being flagged,

again TELL me exactly where i said I DEMAND this person to be fired, what i said was “should be fired” there is a difference between demanding and should , you like to twist people words dont you?

and yes its about disliking someone else opinions. the flag system is being abused by a few, not a bit deal as people can still read the message and see if it was a good call or not. (edited to add more info)

so you are playing “i am a moderator?” common dude, mind your own business.


Are they off topic?

Honestly, at this hour of the night, I have neither the patience nor the crayons to explain to you why it’s a crappy thing to say what you did, no matter how much you split hairs about your choice of words.

I am talking about why I flag what I flag, not why other people do it. And in my case, it’s not about disliking your opinions.

Welcome to the world of community-moderated forums. It’s not like this one is unique in that aspect.

Why did you think the forum had the option to flag a post in the first place?

check here :
Running both maps? (last post)

i dont klnow letting people know that in order to have both games running on private server you now need to pay 2 servers instead of 1, is i believe relevant in most threads specially one that ask running both maps thread. care to explain why is off topic? i could bring you more examples,

read above and let me know.

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some people are abusing it, but lets not derail the conversation , this thread is about the new game being advertized as expansion (i know you have another opinion)

edti : i have openly apologized for the beer , hotdog part. as it was totally out of place and personal,

Im very sceptical to how the thrall system gonna work on this map too. One location to get thralls from sounds very unbalanced and aalpha tribes will just have monopoly on it, but maybe im wrong


I saw the trailer, and as a former player am I engaged to return to the game? Maybe via new map?
Nope, not impressed: the trailer was good do not misunderstand me but… but the content does not seem so exciting to me, it looks like the same soup with re-utilized assets.
Maybe there are totally different new biomes in that Isle of Siptah but… for what I saw, there is nothing to hook me up enough to make me return to the game.
Maybe I was wrong expecting something more, my fault, sorry.

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I would guess because the person asking the question has made it clear – both in their first post and the subsequent ones – that they own the server and aren’t renting it. The question is whether you can run both maps on the same machine.

Tell me, does saying that G-Portal is the “worst hosting company there is” help answer that question in any way? Does implying that this expansion pack is a “cleverly designed ploy to ruin many private servers” help answer that question in any way? Does complaining about those two posts being flagged help answer the question in any way?

yet here we are very off topic in this thread and noone is flagging it.

maps require a service or your own computer to run it,. based on my experience with gportal and how the issue of official server are being handled, i think i have earned the right to provide recommendation aimed to anyone looking into a thread and are considering using the disastrous gportal service.

the implying part as you call it was done by a third party, worrying about the effects, and how people wont be able to use their mods in the new map, you fail to understand that people have spent a great deal of time in their current game play, yet they bring this “weird” expansion to say the least. resistance is obviously something that will come with it,

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Don’t play in the expansion then and stick to the old map and the old mods.

Pretty simple :slight_smile:


Then agian the whole problem of private is how the admins behave… never, never seen a good private, always admins(with some friends) with their own little playgrounds beeing like little narcists.

So your- pro private - stance is not (at all) the general experience with elder CE players.

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Ive watched the trailer, and im underwelmed just like some inhere.

You regocnize old stuff nicely animated ( the buildings shown are from fanservers it seems)its like they used this expantion (its seems te be just a biome)wich they promised to be free in the early days to split it to an "extra"game to create more revenue.

I (clearly) remember you (FC) promising us in EA… you promised additional maps/biomes would always be free and dlcs would be just cosmetical and not pay to win.

Pinocchio !!

We just have to roll with the punches.

lol ok. I’ve been running on a private server since conan pre released in 2017 with the same community. We’ve been doing just fine.

I also play on a second private server run by another guy I know that has a large 40 player population that is an RP server thats been up since late 2018. Also runs just fine with no drama.

I think the problem may not be private servers but some of you looking for drama and actively creating it instead.

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They are not. FUncom has several games they run at this time. Age of Conan is still going and being updated. It pre dates Conan Exiles. I still play when the ping is too high for Exiles.

Some long ago in a galaxy far away they coined a name for this it was the NEW GAME EXPERIENCE.

I will call this from now on. The DEVs and older players know what this is. A well deserved slap in the face.

i wonder
if we capture thralls in the new map , and we level them up, are the stats going to be fixed? or really poorly random like they are now? like archers getting fighter perks and so forth? i didnt see any word on those fixes , cause that’s very frustrating.

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As far nothing has been said about any changes - we can assume thrall stats and perks will remain the same they are now.
On the other hand, every patch we get some undocumented changes (ranging from lazy patch note writing to out right bugs) - I wouldn’t be surprised if dancers will suddenly become more deadly then fighters

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So the game and server remain the old single threaded monster?

Did the old content get rebalanced?

One PvP hotspot was a bad idea 15 years ago.

I appreciate the effort, not the result.