So what we played we played

**Game mode:*Online official 1100
**Type of issue:Performance
**Server type

For a couple of days now I haven’t been able to log in game…and nothing has changed since the last one game patch (which was today) which means until the next one,which again means that a few more days will pass until next fix which may or may not actually fix the problem…and until then, or someone will raid me or my buildings will decay until then…nice it doesn’t matter that I spent 3000+ hours on it,and to make the irony bigger, I bought almost every dlc that my buildings don’t look monotonous :slight_smile: … great job,great game thx funcom team for stable and reliable and almost complete game…just keep disappointing us and betraying our trust .

btw my pc specs are:Win 10 Pro

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 ti Phoenix 4GB

Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz

Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 RAM … my internet speed is:

100Mbps download

10.6Mbps upload

so I doubt it’s up to me but hey i’m not an expert…

Please bear in mind that while yer computer meets the minimum specs and IS supported by Conan Exiles, Funcom Live Services made no such promises.

I just hope that all the hard work being put in by the Conan development team will bring in more players to replace those of us who can no longer play. I really enjoyed this game and wish the Conan team well in the future.

Does it work if you try direct connection to it?

nop iI tried everything,but nothing better does not happen … maybe voodoo magic or I don’t know some kind of prayer maybe help before a new update arrives and fix everything …

U have any torches placed on ur build outside anywhere?

Hey @Morgoth

Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the frustration. We’ve sent this information to our team so they can look into it.

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I honestly don’t even know how and what the buildings look like anymore,I don’t play for days because I can’t log in to the game at all, because of the huge ping on servers ,9999 and it lasts for days even after all the updates so far,if I ever if I ever can to log in in the near future, I will be happy to answer your question :slight_smile:

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