So....why are ppl intentionaly try to crash other ppls game?

There are ppl intentionaly casting cristalized flame inside Agartha,and when me and one of my friend get crashed by that,I asked him to not doing that,politely…then he just say I do what I want and cast more cristalized flame,even,switch to his main,came to me said the same words and cast more cry flame…
So,I am curious,did some ppl really so happy see other players have a bad day?did some ppl just find fun from making other ppl suffer?Why???

Unfortunately yes. Best you can do is try and report it to the GMs, and maybe they can do something about it. I believe if you right click a name in the chat and report through the drop down, the game includes that message in the report as well. I am unsure if it only includes the particular message you used to report the incident, or if it also includes the messages before and after.

Being one of the sinners I can tell you that most people cast CF as a sign of greetings to friends, same as casting Blizzard (blame the clunky emote system), and that I never heard before of people crashing for it in Agartha.
I and others suffer CF crashes in dungeons (less often) or in scenarios/private instances (more often), but I was unaware it could happen in Agartha too.
I will not cast it any more now that I know ofc.
About the behaviour somebody had even when asked to stop, well that is a completely different story and its of course to blame.

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There is infact a whole subspecies of humans that are only happy when they can make others miserable…

And they are often found playing MMO’s and/or games with pvp…surprised you haven’t seen them before this…there are alot of them :smiley:


I saw ppl with bad attitude in World of tanks and WoW yes,but I did not saw anyone like him before in this comunity,his behavior really suprised me…

Every time I’ve crashed in swl, someone with a horse head was present. I’ve asked her several times to take it off but she won’t listen. Please ban toxic horse behaviour and ban all horseheads !

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How do you suggest to test dps when dummies are placed in Agartha? It is FC’s fault for not fixing this bug.


Your faction HQ should still have a place to test DPS too

I could not enter training hall in HQ after finishing starting mission and I still can’t enter it. Either I do something very wrong or it was always impossible to return there in SWL.

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Unfortunately the training rooms in the faction HQs are only possible to visit during the introductory mission in SWL

A change from TSW where you could go back there as often as you wished.

Yup, they should, but they don’t any more. The city training rooms are only used for the initial bit where you receive your weapons, there’s no going back in. :confused:

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@Fenrir They are not the same.I never asked ppl to dont use cf if there is a need to do so,like in dungs,lairs etc. Even myself use cf after get crashed on E10 save scenary right after the endboss came out.If you need use that,then use,everyone could understand.But what I cant understand is that guy just cast cry flame at agartha for nothing,literatly nothing.Even after I told him why cry flame crash ppl(a known bug in this case,the horsehead is not a known bug so they are not the same thing),he keep doing so,reacted with negative attitude and even follow me and spam cry flame on my head.This is definitly not a right behaviour.

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@CrimsonRabbit oh this,this I dont know…not sure if he was cast on some dummys but,I can sure he did not used any other skills,only cf spam…not likely its a simple rotation dps test…
And if he was doing a dps test,he can just tell me that,but instead he react negatively and followed me casting cry flame on my head,lol.

I’ve heard that in Elite Dangerous, if you ignore one of these toxic subhumans, the game will make sure you’re not in the same instance from then on. I would love for that to be the case in SWL. Make ignore have consequences. Force these griefers to eventually be alone in their own instance.

Just make sure you are a paying Funcom customer ofc.

The culprits who intentionally cause crashes are the type who thrive on causing misery and are griefers. The same as the ones who cause misery to those in the E1 pug que of Activity Finder.
If you appear to be annoyed by it, they thrive on it.
If you complain about it, they thrive on it.

The cause is from a bug in the mechanic of CF and the one to fix the bug would be Funcom.

The more people who report the crash bug, I would assume, would help them determine what causes the crash?

Help Funcom do their job by creating a job for them to do.

The more info they have, the better for them.
The more people who report the bug would push it to the top of the list of “Things to fix” (you would hope)

They get paid, make them work for their money.
Or we have no fixes and just GMs responding to petitions they dont answer for days.

I get the feeling we would have to wait a long, long time for a fix for anything.
They’re not exactly known for being swift.

Employing more staff would be a great help for SWL

Lmfao dude

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