So..yeah...I'll have to ask again

Ill say it again… FUNCOM…give me a darfari DLC! you already have the assets…playing a darfari and building these sophisticated bases (anything with a roof and door) feels just…off…also weapons as well… why do i need this fancy legendary weapon thingy when i can sport some sexy stick with teeth attached to it? TEETH!

I have all these prime-yog steaks and I wanna throw a party but my darfari chaps will think im just showing off…

TLDR: Give me a darfari dlc… I dont care if its just huts, drums and skulls… ill pay it!

@Ignasi I KNOW you want to try the steaks too! Pass it on!


I believe that the artists of this game can give us more than you just said, I would definitely pay for this too. We all started from raiding darfari villages and it is not coincidence that the best axe is yog’s :wink:. But even if it is like you said, for sentimental reasons I would buy it too :joy::joy::joy:.


Yog smiles on you friend…you can come over to the party once they release this DLC…try the steaks! It’s real “beef” (trust me)


I’m a fan of Yog Dogs: image


My friend wasn’t though… hey I was hungry and he was weak survival of the fittest… and I got a wiener dog to want one :nose:t2:


Give me a Pict DLC!


I always choose Crom for first religion. Nunu is the guy that sometimes I speak for the first time. So Yog’s altar is my first religion altar Always. Believe me my Bella have eaten thousands of these steaks :wink:. I belong to the persons that favors yog for noob religion. That goes for 3 basic reasons.
1.They heal better than any food you can craft in the campfire.
2. It is actually food so it covers your hunger bar.
3. This food restores humidity and it is very important, especially in low levels.

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I have seen you snacking on the neighbor’s.


And can we have a skeleton pet (archer) with a darfari mask ? One that look like the one in the little skeleton camp by the sinkhole.

Please :pleading_face:


Honestly, I just want Rise of the Godslayer themed DLC with rank 4 armour sets for each faction. Cool af and would be way better.

Also…I want Hyrkanian raider to have a no plume version :frowning:

Yog’s blessings for you all…even that heathen that corrupted this darfari thread with Picts!

Btw…come to the pit of yog…err…I wanna show you something!


I love this.

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I’m on board with that. Some really cool variants of cannibal armors, epic cannibal weapons, grass huts and building stuff, like the camps that we find around the map. Great idea.


Yes, pict dlc as in Proper pict dlc. Savage Frontier is not something on my Taste. To be honest apart the Walls i cannot see anything pictish about it, ofc the “random name generator” for the weapons. Even the armor in my eyes is more of a mountain man armor then a pictish one.

What i meant with “Give me a Pict DLC” was better said " Give a Siptah DLC" PiCT style though.

Savage Frontier.


I want pictish settlements like in Age of Conan, with Savagw Frontier we got Bored.

I want my thrall to look like a pict not like a witch/cavemen.

Yog! Smite that heathen ^

Joke aside, I’m all up for more dlcs (as long as black kingdom or just darfari comes first!)

But in the darfari case…the assets are already there! It could mean a quick buck for Funcom.

How about this

Spike or bramble thorn walls for all types of walls

No foundations. Instead build just the workstations and the workstations are inside a tent of teepee

Plenty of skulls on fire and on poles like they already have!

More yog blessed weapons
One medium set of armor

That’s all!

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I’m hoping there are lots and lots of bugs…cause you know how Darfuri are about their bugs.