So You Like Lord of the Rings


Hello everyone! Two of my friends and I have been playing on my private server (Wreckitfrens) for a few months and now we are ready to invite a few more people. We have been posting a lot of our completed Lord of the Rings themed projects on both Reddit and Imgur and even recently got recognized by the Conan Exiles Twitter page (for our interpretation of The Shire).

Some of examples of our bigger projects include (sorry can’t post images or links since I’m new to the forums apparently, but I would be happy to share them with you in case you can’t find them on your own):

The Shire
Minas Morgul
Elven City
Dwarven City

We are a purely PvE/building/exploring focused server (we also welcome any RPers that may want to play around with a LotR theme). Very laid back and relaxed group of friends that are always willing to help out new players.

Server Information:
Fast crafting/Thrall Capture
High gathering
No Purge
Currently not using any mods
We play on EST

If you have any questions or are interested in joining us shoot me a message or feel free to respond to this post. We have about 6 openings currently.