Sobek minions and Fang of Sobek are immune to Szeth's Truncheon

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Cliff overlooking jungle, NE of blackhand ship, SE of the Sand Reaper den]

[I was making my way west from the jungle, I came across 4 Warrior of Sobek, 1 Archer of Sobek and the Fang of Sobek. Tried to use Szeth’s truncheon on the warrior first and then on Fang, they do not succumb to the truncheon. I have the advanced fitting installed. I am lvl 60 with the 4th Str perk and the 2nd Stamina Perk. After the 6th time of me depleting stamina bar, took out my trusty axe and killed her. Are we not supposed to be able to get Sobek thralls? If that is the case, then perhaps they should be removed from the admin table.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Go to the cliff just W of the jungle
2.Attack Sobek Warriors with Truncheon, kill them
3.Attack Fang of Sobek with Truncheon, kill her as well because she won’t pass out
4.Carry on with your day because the last 25 minutes has become a sunk cause (Time)

Not a bug, most of the thralls in the Sobek cave are unthrallable. I believe the warriors (disciples of sobek) at the beginning of the cave can be converted, but I’m not sure if that has changed with recent patches.

The six that I am referring to are on the sandy area, did not know about any cave…I’ll have to scout about for it. The Fang of Sobek does have the health bar that looks like T4 thralls, however, the bar that shows what her consciousness is left flickers with each hit. She is in the trainable list in the admin panel.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that you can still admin spawn in thralls that you can’t normally get. But looking at the wiki, the fang of sobek is an archer that can’t be thralled.

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That was an awesome dungeon, thanks for mentioning it. And after doing the cave, I can see why having 1 of those guys as a thrall would be a bad idea. The warrior would rip through the Arena Champ in about 5 seconds. And the Fang does tons of ranged damage with that bleed effect.

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All followers of sobek aren’t thrallable, to my knowledge. This is intended

Thanks Jimbo

We had a purge from the warriors of Sobec in a offline game only the Male fighter’s could be knocked out . What a shame the archer’s would have been great.

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What type of HP and damage do the warrios have? It took me almost as long to kill the fighters as it takes to kill the Arena Champion.

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Sorry I don’t remember. We were just fooling around had purge cranked up on high. We spawned in arena Champions as guards with truncheons it was a lot of fun. You can also spawn in the witch queen by the way. It was a coop game for a day. On newbies river didn’t expect Skelos to hit is why we spawned in the heavy hitters the legit thralls didn’t have a chance.

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