[Social Post] Conan the Barbarian - Age of Conan and more curiosities about this game


This is an for “everybody” topic, feel free to correct and add more.

I did not read the Robert E. Howard book so i’m basing this post on the movie “Conan the barbarian 1982” and “Conan the destroyer 1984” and also the game “Severance - blade of the darkness” that was created by “Rebel Act” and released by Codemaster. Worry not this game is long dead.

Little disclaimer, these are just coincidences because back in the days this was the main topic of most of the movie/game.


These are therefore, just curiosities so don’t get “warm” over it.

What I want to do is to take the characters from the movie “Conan” and give them a class according to this game. I’ll also add some curiosities about the movie “The salute of the Jugger”. Feel free to add more.

Conan, he was indeed a barbarian, but for some reasons he is a conqueror in this game, he is a king, but in the movie he was the king of the thieves and he could have killed you for some money, however he wants a revenge against “Thulsa Doom” who killed his family. Thulsa Doom will cut Conan’s mom head in front of the kid.

The movie as you should know ends with Conan cutting Thulsa Doom head in front of his people.



AoC Barbarian.


**Conan Mom - Barbarian.

Conan Woman - Barbarian.


This Keaira who is Conan lover or wife, an assassin, i have no idea where they got it.

Thulsa Doom - He was first a conqueror then he became a ToS.


Subotai - Best friend of conan, he is a ranger.


This guy is not given a name, he will save Conan life too, he is a nec.


Rexor - Conqueror.

Thorgrim - he will appear also in the movie “the Gladiator”, he is the retired gladiator using an iron mask fighting into an 1v1 with the Gladiator. He is a Bear Shaman.

Then we have “Conan the Destroyer”.

Malak - He is the only assassin in the movie, he fights with 2 knives however he is indeed a thief.



Bombaata. - One of the strongest characters, he is a Bear Shaman.


Then we have this “kick butts”, he almost kills Conan and he is about same strength if not more, he is a Dark Templare.


Queen Tamaris - PoM

The crazy priest - i don’t know the name - He is a Demo.

Thoth Amon, he is the lizard man, i would say demo but because he can change shape let’s say HoX.

I could not find guardian because none of them in the movie has a full armour, but there are plenty who could be guardians but half armoured.


Serverance - Blade of the darkness.

This game was resealed at the really begin or the 2001 and was really successful, it has the same combo system and you can play barbarian or knight too, he also has the fatalities where you can cut in pieces your enemy and indeed mobs do have shields and you have to use the combo to hit where he does not have it. You can block the hit at the same way you do in this game.



You can also play the dwarf or the amazon.

Combo system, you don’t see the arrows you have to memorise them.


The movie “The salute of the jugger”.

That movie has his plot but it goes around a game where you do not have to capture the flag but in the movie it is a skull, the guy who has to capture the skull is often called quicker, when he fails he blames his team and he is actually correct because his team has to protect him while he is running with the “flag”.

When your tank gets angry because he was killed and nobody was protecting him, does it remember of something?


Indeed, there are just curiosities, the combo system back in the days was used, and still today, in many games, those were the common classes, and the main topic of many movies was this one, sword mages and a fantasy world.

Feel free to add something, this post is just for fun, so have some fun. Regards.


The main difference between the books / comics and the 80s movies is that Conan is represented very different in the movies.
The movies depict Conan as the simple barbarian but in the original stories Conan was a very reasonable and intelligent man which led to him being able to conquer (there even is a book called Conan the Conqueror) the aquilonian throne.
If you have seen one of the many parodies of barbarian characters you will easily see that they got inspiration from the Conan movies instead of the books. Compared to the books the movies are “weak”, I dont mean they are totally bad or anything but due to their limited runtime they obviously can’t show the vast lore of Hyboria and the Conan Universe and the more action / combat focus of the movies might also be a byproduct of the time where they were created (80s action movies probably influenced a lot since thats what the majority of people wanted to see)
I did not read all stories about Conan but in those few I read I already saw the huge difference between the movie and book Conan, the developers of AoC mainly used the stories as their paragon thats why Conan might seem a bit out of place if you only know him as the movie barbarian. Also, the Age of Conan is the time after his conquer of the aquilonian throne, obviously he isnt as young anymore but still got the adventurous spirit which you can hear when talking to him in the game. He would love to go back to his old life where he was “free” (well, he still is a free man but he is pretty much chained to his throne making decisions and “office work”) and could travel through the various lands of Hyboria and go on adventures but now he got to fulfill the duties of being a king.
Oh and Keira is not Conans wife, she is more like his “right hand”, a very loyal companion, his wife is called Zenobia but she is not in the game as a NPC.
AoC isn’t like “100% lore friendly” either, especially because the Conan stories were not only written by R. E. Howard, several writers wrote stories about the Conan universe and there are many differences in these stories too but that’s completely normal, you will always have some differences if there are various writers and artist working on something but that’s totally no problem in my opinion, for me AoC did a really good job to introduce me into the Conan Universe, the day before I started playing I saw the first movie too and didn’t really expect the whole world to be so big but when I started to read some of the stories I started to recognize names, places and so on and lots of things in the game started to make more sense to me.


While the 1982 Conan the Barbarian film had almost nothing similar to Howard’s Conan, it’s still an absolutely awesome movie and one of my favorites movies of all time.


I don’t know if it is true, i did not read it, but the way our toons dress are definitely taken from those movies who were actually really good.

Just look at this and tell me if it is not a “barbarian” against a “dark templare” who are using defensive and frenzy stances.


AoC is based both on the books (not only the ones written by REH, but several others as well) and on the movies - mixing and matching parts from all of them.


Do you know what is the sad thing, is many have no idea who Conan was or whatever, they just see it as a normal game. If you were a kid back in the days you would know, but i bet many players in this game they have no clue what this game is about. Maybe with this post they will find out.


Oh, kids know this Conan: