[SOG] Nekhet Empire PvE-C Roleplay Server

Server Name: [SOG] Nekhet Empire Adult RP

Server Discord Invite Code: UMARHn6Edu

Server Map: Exiled Lands

Server has an active Admin team that enforces server rules. Server Rules are on the Discord and require character registration (No Gamertags as character names), and verification that rules have been read. The roleplay is text based on the server Discord, this is to have proof of RP and to prevent metagaming. PvP is allowed but requires RP validation prior to combat.

Empire (entire map) is ruled by the server owner and runs the Admin shop. Map is divided into territories that can be claimed by clans as they progress through the “Rise to Power” system. Once a clan claims capital status the clan leader becomes that regions Governor and a member of the Imperial council.