Solitary Vale - Small PVE - PC (Relaxed - NA East Coast)


New server opening up and seeking casual players:

Server Name: Solitary Vale

20 slots (Can be increased at any time if needed)
Relaxed environment
No server wipes
Daily server restarts at 3:00am (EST) to maintain performance.
Items are kept on death
Daily admin log-ins

Toxicity won’t be tolerated.

Need a spot and the player(s) hasn’t been there in ages for upkeep? Let us know and we can clear it out.

Current altered server settings: 2x gathering.

Feel free to contact me on discord for requests on server settings, questions, reporting suspicious players: Keirane #7584

Recent Changes upon request(s):
Day Cycle has been extended.

I send you a discord invite. Since you have DMs by non-friends deactivated.

Got it~

Do you still have room on your server?


I sent you a Friend request on discord, names Reykr , was wondering about spots for me an my wife. looking for a relaxed environment and non-dedicated is a pita when only one can log on.

got the add~

There are still spots available as well.

Thanks Caelva.

Any MODs installed? and are purges turned on? know their buggy now but may be fixed soon im a big purge fan

No mods and purges are set to trigger for every 5k actions at 10 minute update intervals.