Solo / Co-op Noise Overkill

I’m playing (hosting) a solo/co-op game with friends and I hear every crafting sound EVER. If it’s iron ore melting down on a forge or wood being shaped. I hear every drink they take, every time they eat food. And if one of them dies and pops back to me I’m nearly deafened by the sound it makes twice. It completely takes over the game with noise to play with my friends or even solo if I have 3 furnaces cooking and wood shaping at the same time at my base while I’m out harvesting or killing. I can’t hear anything else. The only way to get rid of that annoying sound is to turn off all sounds.

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Same here. I can hear every crafting station sound all at once, even if I am away from my base. I play solo btw.

Same here. Although i play alone on singeplayer (so can’t really say about co-op noises), every time my crafting stations make something i hear a little “woosh”. So if they all are making something it’s just “wooshwooshwoosh…”.

Same here. [XBOX]

Yes, dear god, make it stop. I literally won’t play with my friend or family with co-op because of this. Everyone starts crafting and I have to get up and leave my desk.

there is a mod called “no woosh-sound”.

And it’s not only in SP/coop-mod, it’s also the same on server on simple singleplayer.
For my part i use this mod, so i’m quiet, and can craft without this noise. I doubt there is an other workaround right now, and not sure if this was intended or more of the bug-side.