Solo/Co-Op Settings for XBox 1

Hi everyone,
I have a question about solo/co-op servers on the Xbox. Now I did a couple of searches before asking this so if it’s been answered many times show me where to find that thread. I’m also doing this in between a massive stack of grading. Let’s be honest, this is more interesting than grading a bunch of essays!

So I’ve been playing solo while I get the hang of how the game works (and failing) and I wanted to mess around with the settings, one thing that I can’t change are the nudity settings on either solo or co-op. Is this something Xbox did to avoid lawsuits or is there a specific order I need to do things to play around with those settings.

If I put this in the wrong forum, please move it. I’ve been known to do that from time to time.


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On Ps4, Its in 2 locations.

I believe its same for Xbox. (maybe all 3)

There are Personal Setting, Which take over in most cases. And Server Setting which limit everyone choices.

So Server with full nude, may bother some, so they can set personal setting to none.

OR, You have region of game that doesn’t allow it. (that case, you wont see full nudity labeled)

@LVTeacherman you’re location in the USA limits u to partial nudity (topless) or none. I am on ps4. Not sure of other settings

Okay thank you. I appreciate it.

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