Solo/Co-op unfriendly

Is the server setting issue going to be fixed?

I am assuming that the changes to combat in the settings for Solo/Co-op doesn’t save because it is a glitch/bug. I went into TestLive last day and discovered that this is still happening.

If this issues is intended or not going to be addressed, I would like to know so I do not waste my game time attempting to test areas that are not Solo/Co-op friendly.

I tested the Frozen North / Highland areas to see if start metal was triggering or falling or at least showing up. (Still nothing.) I noticed while there that my character was taking damage from the cold while the perk that protects against this happening was executed. Is this a bug? or has the perk been nerffed down to only reduce the damage instead of remove it?

Also wondering if the agro range was adjusted. Seems everything in the lower Frozen North and Highlands was targeting me…even from long distances and a ram jumped off a ledge to attack me. I do not recall that area being so aggressive.

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No, unfortunately it was not fixed yes. Yes sure, this is a bug. We could still adjust all settings for singleplayer, also on testlive. I’m also waiting for this fix to make further test with purge.
I triggered now my 3rd purge alone with default settings, but it’s time consuming, and bit tiresome just for tests.

Was more in the jungle, new dungeons, the unnamed city, the volcano, and runned other tests than looking for star-metal i must admit. So couldn’t say exactly, but i spotted in my game some meteor-showers while in the far north.

Seems to me that they made the climat slighty harsher again, but less than in EA a time. That’s fine to me, and i didn’t have real issue with that.
Had some discussion going on the regular build bug section about temp, and posted also some pictures there.
Like still, appropriate material for basebuilding in a given area, and correct armour is needed,

The vit perk was adjusted like you know, and there was treads about a lot to, also for the live build, like you know.
But i must admin, that while i was bit scared at first, my character manage this very fine, and there seems not be any further issue to me.
Still some players are reporting they die. Bug for some ? Maybe, some, but sure not all.
Also Ignasius stated that devs will look at the climate.

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Not sure what you are meaning here. I can adjust anything on TestLive, but the adjustments are not saving…so it is the same as not adjusting.

It is not the climate that is the issue. It is the fact that the perk is not functioning. The perk states that it negates the temps; this is not happening in my Solo/Co-op game. There is no mention of wearing specific gear or standing in a specific structure material being needed. The perk states that it negates the temp attribute, which it is not doing.

For you first question, i simply mean by this, that we was able to alter our settings in testlive in the past, with previous patches. And that i hope, like you, that this may be fixed soon.
I do actually all my tests in singleplayer, so of course i’m touched by the unability to alter these settings. Like you.

Then for the second time you quoted me, well i wanted just let you know, that Ignasius said it was sent to the team, and they will look at the whole problem . (cold, perk, all included).

I almost always test in Solo/Co-op as someone should represent that crowd in TestLive. The inability to save the changes on the settings has really hindered my ability to play in the upper levels. I had not realized before now how difficult the end-game is for Solo/Co-op without the admin panel. Kind of disheartening for me.

It’s never negated temperature effects, merely mitigated them. I’d have to go in and read the exact text, perhaps there’s a mistake there but the perk has never functioned that way. Not on Official servers at least, you’ve always had to dress for the occasion

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In the passing year, from what I experience, it has not worked as I believed the description meant. Perhaps I am unique in my understanding and the perk was not intended to make one impervious to temps.

Once, I did not take damage from temperatures; however, my water and food needs escalated and I would take damage from that if not paying attention.

Yes, i know, saw different of your posts.
CE isn’t the only game where singleplayer-Co-op is bit left on the side. Sandbox and fight related games even more. Also singleplayers are often more quiet. less present on forums.

But i know FC still also care about, just that they set priority for official servers, and of course often pvp content.

Like i posted in several treads, i made tests all around the map for these reported climate or call it temp issues that people reported.

For myself i couldn’t really reproduce it. Sure, it looks they touched bit temp with one of last patches, but for my feeling this was for the better of the game.
Still, if you build your base with correct material for the region, dress you correctly, at least in my numerous tests, i didn’t run in any issue.
But i don’t use black-ice in the desert, nor sandstone in the frozen north.

Some reported bugs with temp effects not going away. Again, i couldn’t reproduce that in my tests.
Not saying they didn’t experiment that. Just i couldn’t reproduce it myself, this with different new started characters, new DB’s and all. :woman_shrugging:

Settings not working is a bug. I have not tried them a lot, Maybe make a more detailed bug report About wich settings do not work properly?

The 20 Vit perk never negated the effects of temperature, always reduced them. The 30 Vit perk was fixed with the march patch, for it provied far to much regeneration. You now have to dress approquiatly for the enviroment and use the right materials for basebuilding.

The rams being agressive was also changed with the March patch, before they were passive.

Posted about the settings, and mostly all settings are reverting back.

This is especially bad for testing, like the purge settings for single- or soloplayers.
But also thirst, hunger, combat and more can’t be altered.
Like said, allready posted about. :woman_shrugging:

The details were provided already as a bug. Funcom had not fixed it yet.

This, It reduces damage you take per tick last I checked. Last time I tested and made post about it. It didnt act as armor for it. (aka 1 bar of resist) It just let you run around extra few seconds in extreme cold and heat before dieing quickly since you took what seemed like 1 less damage. XD

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