Solo player looking for solo friends 18+ uk/eu


Currently a solo player on official pvp EU.

I’m 23 and from the UK

Im already fairly set up on my server (Level 30) so im hoping people are willing to join me.

I recently came back to the game after 1-2 years so im fairly new to the game again with all the changes.

If you are a fairly laid back and chilled person who can work well with others then please get in touch so we can hopefully make a long lasting friendship within Conan.

if interested just reply below or if you have any questions.

Thanks, Sam.

its in the tags :slight_smile:
but yes, PC

Thanks brother, same too you.

Stillon the lookout for some friends

Hi. If you are interested you could join my PVP server. Its fairly non-pvp at the moment because its just me and some friends. If you join I can bump the gather and exp boost temporarily so you can get re-established.
I was just tired of all the house clutter on the official servers and all the private servers I was joining kep adding mods that made the game too easy or unstable.

Server Name: Conan Total War (Light PvP)
Direct IP& Port Connection:

Setup Date 5/26
PVP on weekends
No structure damage (yet)
Gathering x2
No Mods and all other settings on default.

No thanks man,

Still on the lookout for friends.


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