Solo PVP and clans

I love PVP, but I feel that - as a solo-player - I can’t survive on official servers. I’m a descent player, I know the entire map by heart, I build excellent tier 3 bases, I get good thralls and level them up quickly. However, there is a problem that turned me away from PVP. It happened to me several times: a big clan returns to the game for a few months and they absolutely wreck the server. Now, I know that losing everything is part of the game and I accept that, my only problem is that I feel that as a single player I don’t get a fair chance. I also think that its not just me, because these clans destroy all the solo players bases in one swoop. Then the server dies out and even the big clan leaves again because there is no one left for them to raid. This happened on my last server. A couple of solo players decided to collaborate to try and beat the clan that was raiding all the bases. After some initial success one of the guys proposed we started a clan. Me and another player agreed and joined, but after a couple of days he kicked us out. I lost everything, 25 named thralls (workers and levelled fighters), resources, base, all of it. If I could I would have transferred my character to a different server and start again, but unfortunately that is not possible. My only other option is to reroll a character from scratch, but I don’t want to do that. I know I’m not the only one with this problem.

So I was wondering: what could be a possible solution? I came up with 3 possibilities:

  1. Server transfers - This allows you to move your character to a different server. You don’t have to start from scratch again. You keep your level, map exploration, feat unlocks and journey, but you can’t take any gear/materials/thralls with you.

  2. Solo servers - PVP servers that are just for solo players, no clans allowed. This enables players to fight people who have the same limitations. Fair and square.

  3. Alliances - Give solo players the opportunity to organize themselves into alliances so they can cooperate more easily giving them the same opportunities and limitations as clans but without losing the ownership of your base and goods.

I’m no game designer, but as a solo player who loves and enjoys PVP I think something needs to change.


I had to fight two guys of the same clan at once. One kept running me down on horseback while the other poked at me with his spear. I didn’t stand a chance and I was in full silent legion armor. Because it was outside of raid time my thrall just stood there and watched …

If you have any advice on how to survive on your own on a pvp server; I’m all ears!

(Oh, and yeah, I got tricked. Badly.)

sorry my english i am not an american guy, i will give you the solution to this problem i also went through the same situation, just that:

1 - the clan system urgently needs to be modified and the question that everything, items etc, which today belongs to everyone needs to disappear, as well as the option to build for yourself or for the clan needs to be available, so you will have 100 times more chance of a clan accepting you, today there is fear of having new players in clans for this stupid reason that the community of conan never claims so ■■■■■■ never does anything.

2 - the pvp in conan should be in factions when creating the character choose from one to four factions this way you would never fight alone, and the server would balance and release the factions to create new characters one by one in a balanced way, I I made a post just about it, nobody called and the post was abandoned

So this is my advice, it happened to me 3v1 near mitra oasis, I lured them at the king rino boss, it’s not impossible, but it’s also very very difficult. But if you make it, and win, crom is going to respect you. :smiley:

Be aware of your environment.

Apologies, I understand what you say, and yes, playing solo is the hardest and harshest thing.

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There are a few dead threads about alliances. Keep it simple, an alliance would simply make other clans’ thralls/pets to be friendly.

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For the whole thing about the horse and guy with spear you have two options, use medium armor and 4accuracy, 4vitality, 2 encumberment, 1 grit and 2-3 strength. Use bow, axe and throwing axes and focus the guy with spear down first, after that it will be much easier to deal with horse. Dodge the horse and rider attacks, spam it down with arrows. Either he will leave or get dropped off his horse then burst him down. Or the other option is getting on your own horse and nailing the other rider off his horse, from their it’s all downhill. Also don’t use silent legion armor, it’s a death sentence, if you want I can come over to the server and check it out. As far as being solo player in this game, it is not supported at all… On the old system, a solo player that was skilled at pvp could take on entire clans if they knew what they were doing( as far as fighting them goes) but now it is almost impossible unless the other group is either bad or they don’t know what is meta.

Agreed. PVP servers tend to lean towards clans. An dIMO, i think that is good for the game. PVE and PVE-C are better suited for solo’s as other than purges and refreshing when on vacation, there is no real reason to clan up. Clans don;t get clan quests, etc. For PVP, the game is about surviving against other players, not the game itself. So finding a group you trust, and can grow and sustain together is what one should do. If you want to play Solo, that is fine, but in PVP, i feel the advantge should go to players who can maneuver the politics of the harsh society on those servers. OR just accept you will always be outnumbered, and find ways to avoid conflict. But that would still mean being political and negotiating with bigger clans.

and i say this from experience. I have never really been an online gamer. Much less survival gamer. I have only committed to online PVP in 2 games, Socom 2 and M.A.G. Other than that, I use(d) games to avoid contact with people so i can decompress from work and all other anxieties. Conan has brought me close with a group of 5 people, who i roam with and every time i am ready to move on to another game, can pull me into wars on PVP servers. And each of them i once was at war with. But through non toxic and non exploitative game play, we became friends. And well, i now have 5 friends who i have never met in real life. Yet i trust them with my body when i log off lol.


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